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Lisa McGee Announces Lead Cast for ‘How to Get to Heaven From Belfast’

“Derry Girls” creator Lisa McGee has commenced production for her new comedy-thriller series “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast” in Northern Ireland. The series will air on Netflix and features an impressive lead cast.

Leading the cast are Roísín Gallagher (“The Dry,” “The Lovers”), Sinéad Keenan (“Little Boy Blue,” “Unforgotten”), and Caoilfhionn Dunne (“A Thousand Blows,” “Industry”). They will portray Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara—three childhood friends in their late 30s who reconnect after the death of a fourth friend. Their reunion sets off a “dark, dangerous, and hilarious” journey across Ireland and beyond as they unravel the mysteries of their past.

Lisa McGee, who has written and created the series, expressed her excitement about the production. “I couldn’t be more excited to start production on ‘How To Get To Heaven From Belfast,'” she said. “I’ve loved writing Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara—three flawed, funny women embarking on the most thrilling and terrifying adventure of their lives. This mystery will keep you guessing and make you laugh out loud. Let’s go girls!”

The eight-part series is produced by Hat Trick Productions and directed by Michael Lennox, who previously worked on “Derry Girls.” Initially announced by Channel 4, the series moved to Netflix earlier this year due to “changes in editorial direction,” “rising costs,” and a “recent cooling in the U.S. co-production market.”

The show’s synopsis describes Saoirse as a clever, chaotic TV writer, Robyn as a glamorous but stressed-out mother of three, and Dara as a dependable, yet inhibited carer. Although these three friends have been close since school, they find themselves embarking on their most thrilling adventure yet. The plot thickens when they receive an email informing them of the death of Greta, an estranged fourth member of their childhood gang. A series of eerie events at Greta’s wake propel them on a dark and comedic odyssey through Ireland and beyond as they seek to uncover the truth.

Producing the series is Brian J. Falconer, with executive producers including McGee, Lennox, Caroline Leddy (“Derry Girls,” “The Inbetweeners”), Liz Lewin (“Derry Girls,” “The Lovers”), and Jimmy Mulville.

Source: Variety