Lisi Linder: The Talented Actress Portraying the Baroness of Grazalema in ‘The Promise’

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La promesa, RTVE’s daily afternoon series on La 1, has become one of the most successful on Spanish television. The show’s interesting plot and cast of actors, including Ana Garcés, Eva Martín, and Manuel Regueiro, have earned it high audience ratings. However, there are other characters who have managed to stand out, and every week “The Promise” continues to surprise viewers with great revelations.

The latest addition to the show is a new character called La Baronesa de Grazalema, who is also known as Elisa de la Vega, and is the main heir to all the money of the baron. Lisi Linder plays the role of La Baronesa de Grazalema, who promises to revolutionize the lives of all the protagonists of “La Promesa.”

So, who is Lisi Linder, the actress who has joined the cast of the RTVE production? She is a Spanish actress who has made a name for herself for her work on television. She is known for her role as Agneska in “Mar de plástico” and her role as Mónica Ramala in “Vis a vis: El oasis” (2020). Lisi Linder was born on April 15, 1984, in Cádiz, Spain, and is currently 39 years old.

Lisi Linder’s passion for Greek tragedies and Roman comedies led her to pursue a career in acting. She began her journey in the world of acting when she was just 15 years old, joining a classical theater group in her hometown of El Puerto de Santa María. She initially wanted to be a journalist, but her love for theater and acting took over. She subsequently went on to study Audiovisual Communication in Seville and Dramatic Art in Madrid.

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Over the years, Lisi Linder has worked on various productions for film, theater, and television, where she has achieved the most recognition. Her filmography includes works such as “Historias de Lavapiés” (2014), “Maldita venganza” (2015), “Los encantados: La película” (2016), “ Neighborhood Heroes” (2022), among others.

Although Lisi Linder is a multifaceted actress, she has garnered the most recognition for her work on television. She has participated in several series such as “Gran Hotel” (2013), “Mar de plástico” (2015), “Servir y proteger” (2017), “The victim number 8” (2018), “Vis a vis: El oasis” (2020), and “The Promise”(2023). She has also appeared in short films, including “La última boda” (2010), “They will call him Ian Bulnes” (2010), “Los Encantados” (2012), “Hermanas” (2018), and “El cumple” (2019).

In summary, Lisi Linder is a Spanish actress who has made a name for herself for her work on television. With her latest role in “La Promesa,” she promises to further showcase her talent to television audiences.

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