Little Miss Sunshine was about to change her most remembered scene

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Little Miss Sunshine It is a film that will be forever saved in the memory of those who saw it. Released in 2006, it focused on the story of a girl named Olive (Abigail Breslin) with aspirations to win a beauty pageant supported by her grandfather (Alan Arkin), a peculiar old man without any shame, and his father (Greg Kinnear), a man convinced that giving everything you always win. The cast that completed figures such as Steve Carell, Paul Dano and Toni Colette.

Beyond the questionable thing about holding a beauty pageant with girls, the message of the film passed on the other side. The idea of ​​acceptance crossed all the characters with different problems such as depression after a breakup, the idea of ​​selling a business model or enlisting in the Air Force. All the characters had to accept, at some point, that things were not as they wanted and there was nothing that could be done about it.

But if there’s one thing everyone will remember this 15-year-old movie for, it’s the scene at the end. To the beat of “Super Freak” from Rick James, Olive He demonstrated what the musical number that he had prepared with his grandfather was like, which outraged all the event organizers. The problem was not objectifying girls under ten but presenting a grotesque number without any good taste.

The van was one more character in this great comedy. (IMDb)

The secret behind Little Miss Sunshine’s dance

Today it is impossible to associate the dance with another song that is not “Super Freak”, but the reality is that the movie had another song in mind. “Gimme All Your Lovin”, from ZZ Top, It was the track that was in the plans of the filmmakers but, according to the production designer, Kalina IvanovPerhaps they asked for an excessive sum of money and had to change it.

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The dilemma had to do with the filming of the scene had already been done with the song of ZZ TopSo to solve the problem, they had to find a song that had a similar tempo. “That was the key”, Ivanov assured that he said that the problem was solved in post-production. “The reality was that the original song was even grosser, that’s why that song was chosen. Not because it was the right one but because the grandfather was making fun of everyone, he chose a song that had double meaning “assured the production designer.

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