Live ammo was found in the filming of Halle Berry’s new film

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The set of Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg’s action film, ‘Our Man From Jersey’, was shut down after the team found what they believed to be live ammunition.

The action thriller, described as a “blue-collar James Bond,” was shooting at the Camberwell Green courthouse in southeast London when a crushed gas cylinder was found.

“The police were called to inform them of an object, described as a bullet casing. It was found to be a crushed gas cylinder and the officers disposed of it,” Scotland Yard revealed.

Other locations used are Kings Cross Station and Albert Bridge, in Chelsea, where the extras were dressed as armed policemen on motorcycles and a helicopter was gliding a few meters from the listed structure.

Halle, 55, stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Netflix film, which is said to revolve around Mike (Wahlberg), a Jersey construction worker, who is recruited by his ex-girlfriend Roxanne (Berry) for an American intelligence mission.

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