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Live clientelism: a TN camera caught militants taking lists and distributing money in full social protest

This Thursday a national picket day complicated the traffic in the center of the City of Buenos Aires with roadblocks at the main entrances and on the 9 de Julio in front of the Ministry of Social Development. In the midst of the protest, the TN captured the moment when a group of people with notebooks seemed to take list about who went and who did not to the protest, in order to later be able to compensate the presence with some type of payment or benefit.

When asked by the chronicler Santiago Martella about what they were doing, one of the people who had a red notebook walked away without answering. Another protester, who had a green notebook in his hands in which the chronicler could see a sheet with names and signatures, denied that they are taking lists. “It’s a notebook of mine,” he said. As for the sheet, he said that they were “notes of the national day.”

“It would be good if you ask me why we fight and why we come, if we start there it would be the most appropriate,” complained the militant, who said he was from the MTL Rebelde and had gone to march “against a state that cuts our wings.” .

A few meters away, a security camera captured a meeting of a group of picketers around a blonde woman in which some people could be seen passing money that came from backpacks and fanny packs.

The woman’s first reaction was to deny the fact. “Silver was not,” he said. But later, he added: “They are new companions from the dining room. It was silver from what they sell. They had to give me what they owe me nothing more, ”the woman declared.

What did the organizations claim?

The “national picket day” was convened by the Polo Obrero, the MTR Votamos Luchar, the MIJD, the May 29 Movement, the Bloque Piquetero Nacional, the MTL Rebelde, the CUBA-MTR and the Frente de la Resistencia, among other organizations. .

The main complaints of the marching organizations focus on the question of “Genuine work”, housing and food, and in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the debt.

“In the midst of a devastating crisis for the working class, we demand that we be recognized as workers since we are the ones who respond to the urgent needs of our neighborhoods in the neighborhoods,” said the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL) in a statement.

So far in 2021 they have already registered at least 4420 roadblocks throughout Argentina. The data comes from a report by the Political Diagnostic consultancy, with statistics up to September 30.

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