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Live Nation Warns Chris Stapleton Fans Ahead of Concert

Chris Stapleton has become a huge star over the past couple of years. If you’re headed to Darien Lake to see him, Live Nation has a reminder for you.

They’re reminding people that because he’s such a big star, it’s probably going to be a packed show. Expect large crowds and delays getting into and out of the parking lots. If you’ve ever been to a show at Darien Lake, you know that the parking lots can be a bit of a challenge on a normal day. Now add in that you’ve got a megastar up on stage and those issues could be compounded.

If you’re hoping for smooth sailing tonight, Live Nation is encouraging people to get to the venue early. If they can spread out the arrival time for some of the guests, it should make it a little smoother. Another option is to use ride-share services like Uber or Lyft. Of course, if you carpool with friends, that will make it easier also.

The gates to the show will open around 5pm. The lots will open at 2pm.

When you get there, if you’re looking for something different to do, you can check out the pre-show party that they will be holding in the plaza. You will be able to win giveaways, eat some food, and hit up the photo booth with friends, courtesy of Buffalove Bus.

Source: newsbreak