Live Performance of “Sueño”, the Latest Cuban Hit Song, Presented in Miami after “Patria y Vida”

By: MRT Desk

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Yotuel Romero and Jencarlos Canela, both of Cuban origin, gave a live performance of their new song, “Sueño,” in Miami for the first time. The song, which was released on April 6, follows in the footsteps of the famous “Patria y vida” and calls for freedom for the island of Cuba. The artists, who appeared at Miami Dade College’s Koubek Center, highlighted that the objective of the song is to unify Cubans and those living in the diaspora. The performance also featured the collaboration of trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban and exile like Romero.

“Sueño” talks about the “dream of freedom” that unites Cubans on the island and outside of it, predicting that the dream will come true soon. The lyrics of the song suggest that it is the vision of the Cuban people, both inside and outside the island, to desire unity. Romero, one of the authors and performers of the song “Patria y vida,” which became the anthem of peaceful protests in Cuba in 2021, says that Cubans on the island are not allowed to dream by the “dictatorship.”

With “Sueño,” Romero and Canela aim to help the Cuban people recover their capacity to dream alongside their brothers outside of the island. Romero sang the song in rap style, and the video on YouTube has already received over 65,000 views. The performance was attended by several individuals, including Rosa María Payá, the daughter of the late Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, and the president of MDC, Madeline Pumariega.

“Sueño” was released on the independent label of Dominican producer Maffio, Alkatraks Music Group, and is available on different digital music platforms. According to MDC, “Sueño” is a reminder that dreams can transcend borders regardless of an individual’s skin color, religion, or origin. It also suggests that everyone has the right to dream and fight for a better future.

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