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Livvy Dunne Celebrates Boyfriend Paul Skenes Making the NL All-Star Team

Pirates rookie pitcher Paul Skenes has appeared in just 10 games this season. But those 10 games have been so spectacular that Skenes got some exciting news on Sunday.

And judging from Skenes’ girlfriend Olivia Dunne’s Instagram Story, she wasn’t surprised at all to see Skenes make the National League All-Star team.

Skenes was among the pitchers named to the NL roster on Sunday, joining Pirates teammates Matt Strahm and Bryan Reynolds on the trip to Arlington. Shortly after the All-Star teams were announced, Dunne took to social media and showed how she was celebrating Skenes’ All-Star recognition at their home in Pittsburgh.

She bought massive balloons to spell out, “All Star.” She also picked up some pizza from Primanti Bros. (they apparently make pizza?) and some champagne.

Skenes and Dunne have been linked dating back to their time at LSU. That support seems to be going strong to this day.

Source: Particle News, ESPN