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Livvy Dunne Discusses Purina Pro Plan Partnership and Her Beloved Dog

Livvy Dunne Discusses Purina Pro Plan Partnership and Her Beloved Dog

As summer approaches, many sports fans are eagerly anticipating the Olympics. Among the numerous exciting events, gymnastics is undoubtedly one of the highlights. For those who follow gymnastics, Livvy Dunne is a familiar name.

Livvy Dunne, a gymnast for LSU and a member of the U.S. national team, understands the demands of an active lifestyle. Her dedication extends beyond her sport, encompassing the realm of nutrition for both herself and her dog. This commitment to health has led her to partner with Purina Pro Plan on their new docuseries, “Fueled By.”

Joining the ranks of Erin Andrews, Michael Phelps, and Lolo Jones, Dunne has teamed up with Purina Pro Plan to discuss the significance of nutrition. The docuseries highlights their active lifestyles and the nutritional needs of their pets.

In a recent interview, Dunne shared insights about her collaboration with Purina and her experiences as a pet parent to her dog, Roux.

When asked about her decision to work with Purina Pro Plan for the docuseries, Dunne explained, “It’s a match made in heaven with my little puppy named Roux. She is a puppy, so I only want to put the best ingredients into her body so she can be healthy and strong and live a long life. And I felt by starting her off with Purina Pro Plan Sport, it was a great match. I also love what Pro Plan stands for.”

Dunne also shared that Roux is an English Cream Golden Retriever, a breed known for its friendly and gentle nature.

Discussing her hopes for the project, Dunne emphasized the importance of her relationship with Roux. “I hope that my relationship with Roux is super transparent and you can really feel my love for my dog through the screen. She keeps me calm through my crazy life because I’m always traveling and training. I hope people see that and feel it, because dogs have such a special energy. I’m excited to see the docuseries and I hope that is shown.”

As a new pet parent, Dunne faces certain challenges, particularly the difficulty of having Roux accompany her everywhere. “I wish she could be everywhere with me at all times. It’s my biggest challenge. She’s a bit bigger, so she can’t fly with me on planes, but I do my best to bring her most of the time. So, I wish Roux could always be with me.”

Despite the challenges, Dunne finds immense joy in being a pet parent. “Even on days where I’m just chilling or it’s an off day, she still gets me up. She wants to play. She’s active, healthy, and strong. She wants to play outside, so she gets me up and keeps me active. I think that’s a super important component to a healthy lifestyle.”

When asked if she could be any dog breed, Dunne amusingly shared a recent experience. “The other day when I was in Pittsburgh and I brought Roux with me, someone came up to me and said, ‘You look like your dog and your dog looks like you.’ So I would say an English Cream Retriever.”

For fans interested in learning more about the “Fueled By” docuseries and seeing Dunne, Andrews, Phelps, and Jones in action with their dogs, they can visit the Purina Pro Plan YouTube channel.