Logi Bolt: Logitech with new wireless technology for mice and keyboards

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Logitech has introduced a new wireless protocol for connecting PC peripherals. Keyboards and mice can be wirelessly connected to the computer via Logi Bolt. The wireless standard is proprietary, so it only works with tailored Logitech products and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly suitable for working in the home office. But Bolt should be more secure than the previous wireless standard Unifying, which has repeatedly attracted attention due to serious security gaps.

For users, Logi Bolt works just like the previous Unifying standard: A dongle is plugged into the computer’s USB slot. Mice and keyboards that support Logi Bolt will now automatically connect to it. Compared to Bluetooth connections, the Logi-Bolt signal should be stronger and more stable, Logitech promises a stable connection for up to 10 meters from the device. According to Logitech, Logi Bolt not only works with Windows, but also with macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, ChromeOS and Android.

Logitech focuses on the security of the new wireless protocol: According to the manufacturer, it supports Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1 at Security Level 4 and additional security features. Several vulnerabilities have been found in Logitech’s Unifying protocol in the past, such as allowing keystrokes to be eavesdropped. In addition, attackers could smuggle in their own commands and thus access data. It remains to be seen whether Logitech will continue to use its Unifying protocol in the future, or whether the connection in future products will be completely controlled by Log Bolt.

Logi Bolt only works on peripheral devices that have been specifically designed for the wireless standard. At the market launch, Logitech is releasing a number of devices that are already available with support for the Bolt protocol, including MX Master 3 for Business and MX Anywhere 3 for Business. The mice and keyboards can also be operated via Bluetooth. A bolt dongle can connect up to six mice or keyboards to one end device.

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