“Loki” 1×04: Asgard returns in chapter 4 of the series

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe still has a lot to explain. Through Disney Plus, the new chapters of the “Loki” series, one of the three productions of phase 4 of the Avengers, are already being shared.

Basically, this series focuses on the variant of Loki who managed to escape with the tesseract in the Avengers mission in New York. Interestingly, he meets another variant of him named Sylvie.

Only at the beginning of chapter 4 of the series we see that the character as a child escaped to a version of Asgard that did not belong to him; for this reason, the authority of time intervened to arrest her.

When she was going to be tried, she managed to steal a tablet to escape for many years in the different timelines. A totally different story than what we saw with the male variant that we already know.

Of course, both did not die on the planet Lamentis-1, but were rescued by TVA. That’s when everything goes wrong in the series: Loki explains that the TVA lies to Mobius.

Let us remember that these agents are really variants that managed to escape, but were brainwashed to work by the authority of time.

“Loki”: theory indicates that the time reset charges would give rise to Doctor Strange 2

Multiverses do exist in Marvel tapes and it has also been confirmed that there are different variants of the characters we know. The series “Loki” explains that the guardians of time are the ones who ensure that the timelines do not deviate from their natural course since they break with the continuity of the different multiverses.

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For this reason, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, teams up with TVA to capture one of its variants that is eliminating the minute hand on the timelines. It is about Lady Loki or Sylvie Lushton.

Of course, the popular social media theories could not be absent. Recently, a theory was released indicating that these multiverses would give rise to “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

Basically, Sylvie has thrown various time reset charges at different points in the story to create the opposite effect. In the images in chapter 2, other realities are opening up and the minute hand runs out to correct what happened.

Basically, something similar could happen in Doctor Strange 2. Let’s remember that in the series “WandaVision” the nexuses were named and it is speculated that Scarlet Witch has the power to create multiverses; He would use them to bring his children to life.

She could be the cause of the multiverse catastrophe that must be corrected by Strange.

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