Loki: 5 things we know about TVA

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On Wednesday, June 9, the series of Loki on the streaming service Disney+ and it quickly became a success, being the series with the best premiere since the inception of the platform. In this program of the Marvel Cinematic Universe we had the opportunity to see the Temporal Variation Authority, who have a very important role in everything that revolves around the plot. What do we know about the TVA?

+ The 5 things we know about TVA

1 | What is the TVA?

THE TVA (Temporal Variation Authority) is an agency in charge of controlling time lines. Your goal is to take steps to prevent various dangerous beings from altering the past, present, and future.

2 | When did they first appear?

His first comic book appearance came in 1986 in Thor vol. 1 # 372 as a renewed incarnation of the Dimensional Development Court. There they allowed Justice Peace, representative of the law of the future, to travel to the 20th century to stop the murderer Zaniac, who is defeated thanks to the help of the Asgardian god.

Loki: 5 things we know about TVA

3 | Who are the Guardians of Time?

As they explain to us in the program, the last Director of the TVA created the Guardians of Time to be in command of the organization and they closely follow the special cases. In the comics they are revealed as a force that is in contact with the Avengers to prevent Earthlings from evolving into a dictatorial galactic empire, as happened in other realities.

Loki: 5 things we know about TVA

4 | His role in the Loki series

After Loki escaped in Avengers: Endgame with the Tesseract, he is stopped by the TVA upon noticing that he broke the timeline. That is why now the villain must work with them to find their variant, who was revealed as Lady Loki.

Loki: 5 things we know about TVA

5 | Mobius agent

The TVA agent, played by Owen Wilson, rescues Loki from being reset by finding him guilty of breaking the timeline and is his guide through different dimensions. He first appeared in 1991 in Fantastic Four # 353, tasked with prosecuting those who make the same mistake as Thor’s brother. Although he does not have any power and was considered an enemy of the Fantastic Four, he eventually ranks on the side of the heroes.

Loki: 5 things we know about TVA

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