Loki, according to astrology: what sign of the zodiac is it

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Loki It is the other side of any villain. Normally the villain of a story and of superheroes above all, turns out to be the most hated by fans. But in the case of God of Lies, whose series ended this Wednesday in Disney+, the opposite is true. And it happens because he is a charismatic character and with a lot of humor who manages to take viewers in his pocket.

Of course, Tom Hiddleston he has also done his part to make it possible. Now, what makes Loki so loved by Marvel fans? What is your personality really like? Believe it or not astrology can’t help you understand this character better.

Astrology is a self-knowledge tool that can tell us about talents, abilities, but also difficulties that we must face. Although in this case we are talking about a fictional character and there is no clear date of birth, thanks to the adventures she stars in and her way of acting, the characteristics of certain zodiac signs in particular can be identified.

Loki, according to astrology: his sign, moon and ascendant

If we think about the essence of Loki, in which there is a constant need for protagonism and attention, this character clearly is Leo. This is a fire sign and fixed mode. He is the king of the zodiac and as such he always wants to be noticed. Leos almost always need to know that they are admired by others or, at least, that you notice them.

They never but never want to go beyond being perceived and in their eagerness, let’s say, they achieve it. Leo people shine on their own. They have charisma and are very creative. Others, in general, feel very good in the company of Leo, because they also tend to have a sense of humor. And, in this sense, Loki fits just right.

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Another important aspect is the Luna. This planet tells us about our deepest emotions, it has a lot to do with the relationship we have with our mother. It is our comfortable place, how we react to certain situations. Before his solo series, we didn’t have much data on the sentimental side of Loki, but the Disney show helped give us a look in this regard. Loki’s Moon could be in Pisces.

Loki could be Leo’s (Photo: Disney)

This is an aspect that makes the native dreamy, idealistic and romantic. And the God of Lies is. He, deep down, wants to become a hero and do things well. Your feelings are strong and sometimes you can get discouraged very quickly. He falls in love easily and some of that happens with Sylvie.

Finally, the rising. What does the ascendant tell us? It is about the mask we have and how we show ourselves in life to others. Loki is a true charlatan and an ascendant Gemini he is doing great. He knows how to communicate, he has a gift for lip service and he knows very well how to persuade. Also, they are super smart and charming.

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