“Loki and” WandaVision “connect at minute 27:30 of their respective final chapters

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Too many coincidences not to be planned. Marvel Studios is known for hiding several Easter eggs in its series and films, but the recent discovery of a fan has turned the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe community upside down. the ending of “Loki” really offers more questions than answers.

Phase 4 began with “WandaVision”, a series that showed the true potential of Scarlet Witch. In the last scenes of this episode we see that the character is now looking for a way to bring his children to life.

On the other hand, “Loki” was dedicated to explaining how multiverses work. Loki and Sylvie look for a way to pass through Alioth to reach the ‘End of the world’ and thus meet the character who manages the timeline.

They seem totally disconnected series one of the other, right? Well, they have more in common than you think. Marvel Studios would have hidden a detail at minute 27:30 of the last episodes of both series.

TikTok user BrianFantastic explained that if you sync both series you will hear thunder. Kang warns that he no longer knows the course of time from that moment, while Wanda steals the power of the other witch and becomes the Scarlet Witch.

Now the question that should be in our minds should be who caused the war of the multiveros? Will it be Wanda or Loki in their adventures through time?

“Loki” – Director Kate Herron Talks About The Series’ Romance

The protagonist wonders if this death could cause the breaking of time and possibly unleash something worse than the current one.

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After several minutes of fighting, Loki manages to stop Sylvie only to tell her through tears that he wanted the best for her. That’s when the expected kiss is given. Something that has been questioned as ‘incestuous’.

But it is about Loki falling in love with himself, so it is not really known what kind of filia it would be. Kate Herron spoke about it:

“My interpretation is that both are Lokis, but they are not the same person,” said the director in an interview with the media. . “I don’t see them as a brother and sister. They have completely different origins […] and I think that’s really important to his character. They have the same role in terms of the universe and destiny, but they won not make the same decisions ”, he concludes.

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