Loki: chapter 3 of the series reveals important detail of TVA

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There is no doubt that the “Loki” series is one of the productions with the most revelations about the functioning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the first episode, we saw that the Time Keepers are the ones in charge of keeping the sacred timeline intact.

Of course, it is explained that the Avengers mission was planned by these powerful beings. What they did not imagine was that Loki escaped with the tesseract in “Avengers: Endgame”.

For this reason, he is tried and sentenced to death. However, Mobius intercedes for him and asks that he join TVA in helping to capture a variant of Loki who is eliminating the minute hand and planning an attack.

Only in chapter 3 do we get to know Sylvie Lushton or better known as Lady Loki. Both characters team up to escape TVA but are stranded on the planet Lamentis-1.

There, it is explained that all the members of TVA at one point were normal people who moved away from their timeline. It is even implied that Loki was also going to lose his memory sooner or later and was going to become another member of the authority of time.

Loki reacts surprised and tells Sylvie that they don’t know that they are variants. It is expected that in Chapter 4 they return to the offices to get Mobius out of there and that the three collaborate to overthrow the Guardians of time.

Loki: chapter 3 of the series reveals important detail of TVA

Marvel: Sylvie appears as a girl in new Loki trailer [SPOILER]

A new trailer for Loki has revealed more details about Sylvie’s past, showing that she was brought to TVA as a child. Although it was kept a secret prior to the show’s release, Sylvie has quickly become one of Loki’s main characters.

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Sylvie is just officially introduced in the second episode of the Marvel series. Until that point, all that was known was that another variant of Loki has been ambushing squads of TVA hunters, stealing their gear, and wreaking havoc on the Sacred Time Line. In the third episode, she says that she has spent most of her life on the run from TVA, and that her plan to destroy the Time Keepers takes years of planning.

MARVEL | Sylvie’s past

In a new mid-season trailer for Loki, Marvel turned their attention to Sylvie’s (Sophia Di Martino) story. Among all the images, there is one in particular that shows a photo of a young woman in Asgardian garb, presumably Sylvie, who is escorted through one of the TVA time gates.

The video seems to confirm the popular theory that Sylvie’s branch of the timeline was deleted by TVA. Add to that that all of the TVA agents are actually brainwashed variants, meaning that she too may have been forced to serve the Time Keepers for a portion of her life.

In a new shot of the trailer, Sylvie makes a comment to Loki that appears to be about the Sacred Time Line and how unnatural he thinks it is. “The universe wants to break free,” he says, “so it manifests chaos. Like me”. It seems Sylvie is really serving a glorious purpose: freeing the multiverse from the oppressive control of the Time-Keeper. And with Loki on his side, he might have everything he needs to take down TVA.

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