Loki Episode 3 confirmed an important theory: Who is Mobius?

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Like every week, since June 9, a new episode of the series of Loki on the streaming service Disney+. Yesterday the third arrived, which left us the great revelation that the protagonist is the first to declare himself bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there were also details that were said in passing, but they are very important.

In chapter 2 we learned the identity of the variant, who calls himself “Sylvie”, despite the fact that many pointed it out as Lady Loki. The last scene showed us that Thor’s brother chases her after opening a portal, which in the third we observe that he leads her directly to the TVA (Temporal Variation Authority), but he does not get to realize his plan. After a new failed escape, end up on planet Lamentis-1, place where one of the worst apocalypse will arrive.

One of the first theories to circulate was how much was known about agent Mobius, interpreted by Owen Wilson, as suspected for his behavior within the TVA. We know that is very loyal to the organization and has blind faith in the Timekeepers, but has never seen them in person. What is hidden behind?

During the new episode we saw that the God of Deception and Sylvie have no choice but to spend time together, so he starts asking her questions to better understand the situation. She, embodied by Sophia di Martino, tells him that He had to travel hundreds of years ago to find the memories of Agent C-20, before she was part of the TVA and revealed that she was a normal person.

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There he assured that all the employees of the TVA were not created by the Guardians, as it was believed, but they are human beings who were captured to be turned into agents. That is why we now know the reason for the behavior of Mobius and what is it about an ordinary person from Earth who had his memory erased. However, questions remain to be resolved and we will surely have answers in the fourth chapter.

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