Loki episode 6 left all these doubts about the MCU

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The second season of Loki is now official. The closing of the sixth episode left several questions about the variants and the fate of the main characters of the plot directed by Kate Herron. Before reviewing all the doubts, we warn that we will analyze details of the latest installment of the Marvel Studios series.


The sixth episode of Loki closed with the destruction of the Sacred Time Line. Sylvie killed the creator of the Agency of Temporal Variation, known as The One Who Remains, so nexus events multiplied on all timelines and chaos is inevitable. While the production confirmed a second season, there are some questions about what happened to everything exposed to date.

What will become of the Loki variants?

Alligator Loki, Classic Loki and Kid Loki are in The Void, as well as the rest of Lokis pruned by the AVT. Now that the universe is in chaos, these characters could return to take center stage in Phase 4. Will we see an army of Loki in the future? Anything can happen …

Where did Ravonna Renslayer go?

The AVT judge opened a portal and escaped to “seek free will.” His destination is unknown, only that he carries a copy of various agency files with him. The detail is that he did not get the copies he asked for, but others that someone else suggested that he take with him for his new adventure.

Where is Mobius from on the Sacred Time Line?

We already know that all AVT personnel are variants, from Ravonna to Mobius. This means that they were both abducted from their timelines. We have already seen, thanks to Hunter B-15, the origin of Ravonna before being a member of the AVT, but that of Mobius remains a mystery.

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How will the original AVT fix the weathering?

Mobius and Hunter B-15 are alone in this mission. The minute hands are already aware that they are variants, so we do not know if they will continue to assume their role after the death of ‘He who remains’ and the flight of Ravonna.

What universe is Loki in?

After crossing the portal created by Sylvie, Loki returned to the AVT where no one seems to recognize him. Taking a look around the balcony, notice that ‘He who remains’ is on the statue where one of the Guardians of the Times used to be erected. Obviously, Loki is in another universe, but it is not known precisely which one.

How will Loki’s multiverses fit into the plot of Doctor Strange 2?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be key to understanding how what was unleashed by Loki will set the tone for Phase 4. Shang-Chi, Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home should not be affected by what happened in Loki since they are stories independent.

Will Alioth reappear in season two?

The one who remains explained that Alioth was key to controlling the temporal dimensions and thus creating the AVT to avoid multiversal warfare. We already know that Alioth is delighted, so Sylvie could reverse this effect for her interests.

How will the evil variant of ‘The One Who Remains’ conquer the other universes?

It’s clear that actor Jonathan Majors, who appeared as He Who Remains, will eventually play Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Now that ‘The One Who Remains’ is dead, it leaves some concerns and doubts about what the inevitable invasion will look like.

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Will Mobius and Loki reunite?

Mobius and Loki became an unexpected dynamic duo that fans instantly loved. Despite some mistrust from the start, they finally made peace and worked together to stop the timekeeper. Now that Loki is in a reality where he is not known to Mobius, the God of Mischief will have to win over his ally again.

What will Sylvie do?

Sylvie killed ‘The One Who Remains’, so she achieved her goal, now what’s next? You will likely run away or go back to a different timeline. However, many viewers are curious as to what Sylvie will do now, as she sent Loki back to TVA on purpose and did not consider the repercussions of her revenge.

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