Loki faces his second half of the season with a new and fast-paced trailer

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Loki, the current series of Marvel Studios as part of the UCM and that is broadcast these weeks exclusively in Disney+, faces its second half of the season tomorrow with a new and fast-paced trailer that you can see heading this news, which reviews the keys of the first three episodes and lets us see a little more of what is to come in the next three chapters with the promise of discovering the truth behind several open fronts.

AVT on the trail of Loki and Sylvie

Spoiler alert from this point on! And it is that as Marvel fans will know, the third episode of Loki left us our protagonists, Loki and Sylvie (apparently, a female variant of Loki who has adopted a new personality), trapped in 2077 in Laments-1, an inhabited moon doomed to disappear imminently; although apparently, they will manage to escape.

The new scenes give us a small glimpse of what is to come and offer us clues to upcoming events. Will the AVT show up at the last minute to save Loki and Sylvie? Does the Temporary Variation Authority have a young version of Loki or Sylvie? What new apocalyptic events are to come? All this and much more in the next three episodes that for sure will mark the future of the UCM at a temporal and dimensional level.

Loki is the third live action series from Marvel Studios as part of the UCM that is broadcast exclusively on Disney + along with the rest of Marvel content. It is scheduled to be released in August What If…?, an animated series that will explore the multiverse of the first three phases, to make way at the end of the year for both Hawkeye like Ms. Marvel.

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