Loki is inspired by Blade Runner, Mad Men and the Teletubbies: new trailer from the MTV Awards 2021

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Loki is inspired by Blade Runner, Mad Men and the Teletubbies: new trailer from the MTV Awards 2021

Loki, the new series of Marvel Studios in order to Disney+ starring Tom Hiddleston who will tell us about the adventures of the God of Deception in his temporal travels after taking over the Tesseract in Avengers Endgame, has been seen in a new trailer of just over a minute and that you can see heading this news, focused on the figure of the Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson), on the occasion of the MTV Awards 2021. In addition, its director Kate Herron ha shared the main inspirations of a series that will premiere on June 9, 2021.

Inspirations from Marvel Studios’ Loki series

And it is that after his escape, Loki ends up in the hands of the Temporal Variation Authority (TVA) dedicated to ending any unexpected twist on the timeline. But it seems that the Agente Mobius M. Mobius wants some of Loki, thus avoiding the death of Thor’s brother. After a chat between the two in an elevator with a curious numbering of floors, Mobius explains to Loki that time passes differently at TVA and that “it will catch up.” As a curiosity, Loki mentions “special lizards”; What surprises does Loki have in store for us?

On the other hand, the director of the series Kate Herron recently explained Loki’s inspirations in an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine (via Screen Rant), ensuring that they include works such as Blade Runner, Mad Men and the Teletubbies, adding that we will have to wait for the premiere of the series to know how the concept of the famous children’s television series fits into Loki, in addition to mentioning a whole science fiction classic or the famous series set in the 60s.

Loki arrives exclusively in Disney+ the next June 9, 2021 after advancing its premiere two days through the slogan “Wednesdays are the new Fridays”, most likely, to avoid overlapping the series with the premiere of Black widow July 9.

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