Loki: Marvel Studios shares the first official trailer of Lady Loki

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The great surprise of the premiere of chapter 2 the series “Loki” was the appearance of a character that few imagined in the UCM: Lady Loki. The production explains that there are different variants of Marvel Studios characters that unfold in the multiverses.

The cases are rare when one of these variants manages to escape from the “Sacred timeline”, but when they do, the time must be corrected immediately before everything is destroyed.

At least that’s how Mobius and Miss Minutes explain it in the first two episodes of “Loki.” Of course, a Marvel series wouldn’t be complete without a powerful antagonist, and this time it’s a variant of Loki himself.

In the mission of the shopping center, it is seen that he has stolen the grenades that reset the time to put the time authority in trouble. Basically, he has programmed several time jumps to saturate the TVA response and thus destroy the “Sacred Timeline” created by the Guardians.

As expected, fans want to know more about this character who will return in Chapter 3 (with a release date of June 23). Before waiting, Marvel has shared the first official poster of the character.

Loki: Marvel Studios shares the first official trailer of Lady Loki

Marvel: “Loki” resolved these doubts about temporary travel in the MCU

Before the premiere of Loki, the Dale Play podcast had several doubts about how Marvel would approach time travel. Avengers: Endgame left several potholes unexplained, so the God of Mischief and the Temporal Variation Agency took on the responsibility of making everything fit the Sacred Time Line.

The Avengers traveled through the Quantum Realm to different timelines to collect the Infinity Stones and thus undo Thanos’ snap. Now, before the journey itself, Professor Hulk says the following: “If you travel back to your own past, that destination becomes your future and your old present becomes the past, which now cannot be changed by your new future”.

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In other words, what the Avengers did was travel to different timelines, because if they traveled to their own past on the same timeline, that past that just begins after the trip becomes the future. The old present – the moment in which they left – becomes the past and cannot be changed from the new future, that is, from the “new future” that began with the trip to the past of the same timeline.

MARVEL | Podcast dedicated to Loki

“That was the big challenge for our program: because the Time Variance Authority is an organization that literally manages and controls all the time, we had to define what time it is for them and what time it is in the MCU. How does it move? What is time travel? How does it work? And so we essentially had to create institutional knowledge among the writers room. A foundation of what constitutes a time law broken and what doesn’t – which is about Loki breaking a time law – and then you have to move all of those things as far as humanly possible, because you don’t want the audience to focus. on the rules of time travel during the show, “said Michael Waldron, writer of Loki.

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