Loki Season 2 Officially Announced: More Episodes Coming to Disney Plus

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Free news of Loki Spoilers. Today, July 14, 2021, the last episode of the hit Disney Plus series Loki premieres. However, it will not be the end of the God of Deception, since Disney has officially announced that there will be a second season. We will have Loki for a while!

We know that this is so because at the end of the last episode the words have appeared: “Loki will return for the second season”.

The Loki series has been presented as the most successful premiere of Disney Plus, even making Disney change the premiere of his Marvel series to Wednesdays and occupying the equator of the week for Loki (currently). The God of Deception series has conquered Marvel fans, who have seen a new stage of the character.

In fact, Tom Hiddleston posted a message on Twitter that hinted at a second season. Hiddleston said the ending would provide “Many answers to your questions Y probably many more questions“Which could indicate that the ending may be unfinished. When it comes to the God of Deception, anything is possible.

The first season has been a cocktail of emotions, laughs and winks, it may be the Disney series with the most nods to the MCU that we have seen so far. Also, fans have been theorizing all season longWell, Loki has already fooled us numerous times throughout the movies.

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Now, with the release of the last episode of Season 1, we see the outcome (or not) of Loki’s adventures and we will have to wait for Disney to announce the premiere date of Season 2. What will fate hold for Loki? ?

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