Loki: Sophia Di Martino does not want her character to be called Lady Loki

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Marvel Studios has already shared chapter 3 of the “Loki” series on the Disney Plus platform. This premiere basically focused on showing in depth Sylvie Laufey, a character from the comics who was granted the powers of Loki.

In audiovisual production, on the other hand, it is never explained if it is just a variant of Loki or it is a version of Sylvie Lushton, a human who woke up with powers.

After the premiere of chapter 2, the fans baptized her as Lady Loki, something that the actress Sophia Di Martino did not like at all.

“I watched her performance, but I try not to let myself be too shaped by her. Sylvie has had a very different backstory than Loki. He is a different person, and that was very important to us from the beginning, “he commented in an interview with the media. .

“When [la directora] Kate [Herron] He proposed the idea to me when I finally got the job, and was able to tell me a little more about it, it was very clear that Sylvia was Sylvie. And it’s not Lady Loki from the comics. I mean, the show is inspired by the comics, but this is a new backstory in a new story. And that’s why I wanted to make it mine ”, he added.

Loki: Sophia Di Martino does not want her character to be called Lady Loki

Did Marvel hide Captain America’s shield in the new Shang-Chi trailer?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow. While in Disney Plus the first series of phase 4 such as “WandaVision” and “Loki” are shared, the production company works in the filming and post production of different films such as “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and ” Spider-Man: No Way Home ”.

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Recently, through YouTube, the company shared a new official trailer for the film “Shang-Chi”. One of the things that surprised fans the most is that a fantastic creature from the comics has been introduced: Fin Fang Foom.

But the most detailed have noticed that there are different elements from other parts of the MCU. In one of the scenes we see an Abomination-like character fighting Shang-Chi.

If you pay attention to the scenery, you will see what appears to be Captain America’s shield. You see a circle with a star in the central part; however, other observant fans believe it was a Madripoor flag.

This city had a special role in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” The protagonists of this production traveled there to obtain information about Flag Smashers, the new terrorist group.

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