“Loki”: who are these characters from the post-credits scenes of chapter 4?

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Today, June 30, Marvel Studios premiered a new chapter of “Loki”, the series of phase 4 of the Avengers Cinematic Universe. As expected, this premiere reveals new details of how the universe works.

At first, it was believed that the time keepers were in the offices of the time authority. This is because one of the agents leaves a meeting with them to inform Mobius that they must catch the two Lokis.

However, during the development of chapter 4 we see that they were only robots. Just before Loki reveals something important to Sylvie, he is eliminated with the popular TVA batons.

It is not possible to know who is behind the authority of time but it is revealed that Loki has not died. In the post-credits scenes, the character is seen on the ground being watched by four other Lokis.

They are Kid Loki, Classic Loki, Boastful Loki and the crocodile Loki. These are four variants that seem to be stranded in New York completely destroyed.

Kid Loki – the character revives in a child’s body and works for the intelligence of Asgard. Eventually, he joins the Young Avengers team.

Classic Loki: This is simply an older version of Loki who wears the original costume from the comics.

Boastful Loki – Strangely, this character doesn’t belong in the comics. He has been dubbed the swaggering Loki and he holds a hammer that is clearly not the Mjolnir.

Crocodile Loki: another character born from the creativity of the scriptwriters of the series. It is not expected to have greater relevance in the story, it can only be a reference to Frog Thor, a character that does appear in the comics.

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Marvel: Is it the end of Loki? We tell you what happened to the character [SPOILER]

Things have gotten very intense in episode 4 of Loki, the third series from Marvel Studios for the Disney Plus platform. Could it be that Loki really is …? Let’s go by parts, because maybe you did not see the chapter and we do not want to ruin the plot.


Now yes, with the warning, the Marvel community is in doubt as to whether Loki really died in the episode “The Nexus Event”.

After a rocky start, Loki was able to regain Mobius’s friendship by revealing the true nature of the Temporal Variation Agency and its agents. Unfortunately, their renewed association seemed tragically destined to be short-lived.

Similarly, Loki and Sylvie had to face execution under the watchful eye of the mysterious Time Keepers. Fortunately, Hunter B-15 helped the protagonists escape. The big surprise is that Loki was “pruned” in a surprise attack from Renslayer.

So is Loki dead? In the post-credits scene of the fourth episode, Loki appears alive but it is not known precisely where he is. What became clear is that he is not the only variant of Loki present in that new realm, with Richard E. Grant finally making his debut alongside other characters. The situation suggests that the AVT team is used to teleport the variants to a common site, which we will only know about in the fifth episode.

Loki releases new episodes every Wednesday on the Disney Plus platform.

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Loki singing in Lamentis-1

The scene in question corresponds to the third episode of Loki. Thor’s brother and Sylvie agreed to a luxury train in Lamentis-1, where the apocalypse will happen in a matter of hours. Before being discovered by the guards, Loki began to sing with all the passengers on the train in a language that only a few could decipher.

The song is called “Jeg Saler Min Ganger” and it was written by author Erlend O. Nødtvedt and musician Benedicte Maurseth. It consists of four verses, but only one was sung in the most recent episode of Loki. The language in question is Asgardian, which is based on Norwegian.

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