“Loki”: who is Sylvie Lushton and why is she so important to the MCU?

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Chapter 3 of the “Loki” series is now available on Disney Plus. This production is part of the beginning of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with other series such as “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

As expected, each episode of the series has an important piece of information to reveal. In the previous one we saw Lady Loki for the first time and now it was time to learn more about her and her multiverse.

After being stranded on the planet Lamentis-1, they take a break on a luxury train to plan their escape. Basically, they need a huge power source to charge the TVA tablet that opens the portals of time.

Meanwhile, the two characters are getting to know each other. Lady Loki explains that her real name is Sylvie. Wondering who this character is in the Marvel comics? Here we tell you what is its relevance in comics.

Who is Sylvie Lushton?

It is about a human from Earth who lived in Broxton until the Asgardians moved to Oklahoma. One day he woke up with powers similar to those of the god of deception, delivered by himself but for no apparent reason.

Interestingly, Sylvie joined the Avengers on their trip to New York and changed her alias to Amora the Enchantress. As expected, Marvel Studios has made changes to his powers.

Who is Sylvie Lushton?  (Photo: Marvel)

“Loki” 1×03: the perfect team? Lady Loki finds a henchman for her adventures

Lady Loki has many more tricks than you can imagine. Chapter 3 focuses on revealing more details about this powerful character and of course his true plans regarding the “Sacred timeline” and the Guardians. This chapter is now available on Disney Plus.

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The premiere begins with a new power of the character: he can get inside people’s heads to steal ideas and memories. He asks one of the kidnapped agents how many protect the Timekeepers.

Everything seems to indicate that what he is really looking for is to eliminate these beings. Sadly, his mission is interrupted by the variant of Loki that we all know.

After a mistake, Loki sends them to Lamentis-1, a planet that is about to be destroyed by its moon. They will have to work together to get out of this tragedy and not die trying. Will this be one of the best coordinated teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Despite their differences, they have to coordinate to charge the tablet and thus return to a timeline that does not put them in danger. Both Lokis will not only have to face time but TVA that is chasing them.

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