“Loki”: Xandar, Hala, Ego, Titan and other locations appear in Chapter 2

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For 13 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has focused on the different adventures of comic book heroes; However, on this occasion, the production company has given Loki the opportunity. You can now see the “Loki” series on Disney Plus.

Chapter 2 is now available on the platform and it has been revealed who the real villain was. Basically, it is the same Loki but in one of its variants. Mobius explains that there are many versions of the god of deception in the different timelines.

After discovering that Lady Loki hides in the catastrophes of history to avoid detection, the entire team goes on a mission where all the refugees are killed by a storm.

Of course, this goddess has everything planned. While distracting the TVA members, she takes up conversations with her male version, perhaps to convince him to join her cause.

On the shelves of the shopping center, he begins to place the grenades that reset the time to send them to different timelines. With this, he seeks to test the logistics of TVA.

Failure to resolve a Nexus will destroy the Sacred Timeline. These are the places where the grenades were sent: Vormir, Asgard, Ego, Titan, New York, Hala, Xandar, Sakaar, among others.

“Loki”: how can Miss Minutes converse with Loki despite being a computer program?

Chapter 2 of “Loki” is now available on the Disney Plus platform. One of the details that has caught the attention of fans the most is the scene from the beginning. The protagonist is reviewing a Mobius magazine while chatting with Miss Minutes.

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But how is this possible. Remember that Minutes is simply a software that introduces the Time Keepers to the courts. In the first episode, we saw that he told how these powerful characters reunified the multiverses to avoid conflicts in the timelines.

Simply, Miss Minutes is commenting to Loki about what TVA is as if it were any conversation. For this reason, the protagonist asks him “are you a recording or are you alive?

Of course, it is not an artificial intelligence, but a constant change of the timeline so that Miss Minute always knows what Loki is going to tell her.

We have already seen a similar resource in other series such as Dr. Who, where the doctor can talk to his assistant via an old recording. Remember that director Kate Herron has relied on other science fiction productions to put together this story.

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