Loki’s various powers and abilities

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Loki's various powers and abilities

It is not a secret that Loki use sorcery to your advantage in any situation. Years of training in Asgard next to his mother Frigga they transformed him into a skillful manipulator of situations with the resources that magic gives him. The new series of the character in Disney+ shows him detained in the VAT and unable to use his powers. Even so, he is deft and quick with his hands and manages, for a few minutes, to escape from his captors.

One of the skills you use the most Laufey’s son it is the ability to acquire the appearance of any person. This condition serves both for life and death occasions as well as for “disturb” close people. Recall that through this ability he posed as Odin and was on the throne of Asgard a while, until Thor discovered it.

Loki’s abilities

Loki he is extremely clever and deceptive, his mind is always working on new plans. Take advantage of all the situations you find yourself in. The VAT, especially he Mobius agent, you are underestimating the Asgardian if you think you will be able to control him during the series of Disney+.

The God of Deception he is a skilled fighter, with superhuman strength, posing a threat to many disadvantaged heroes in that regard. Let’s remember the fight you had against him Captain America in Germany during the events of Avengers. Cap survived thanks to the intervention of Iron Man.

Another of the skills that the son of Laufey are astral projections where there seem to be many Loki in different places. This creates confusion for your opponents. Lastly, one aspect of an Asgardian God is longevity. Loki it is thousands of years old and will live thousands more. As long as you don’t come across a Thanos

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