Lolito Creative Challenge in Fortnite: dates, times and confirmed streamers

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Lolito Fernandez go back to Twitch, and, taking advantage of the occasion, Epic Games has organized the Lolito Creative Challenge on Fortnite. We tell you what this event will consist of streamers, influencers and others from the Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2, headed by Lolito:

Lolito Creative Challenge in Fortnite: all about the #LolitoChallenge

All the data about the #LolitoChallenge Fortnite is published by Epic Games in the different Fortnite social media accounts in Spanish, such as Twitter. For now, what we know is this: the event will be held next Sunday, November 7 at the following hours according to our country:

  • Spain: 20: 00h
  • Mexico: 13: 00h
  • Argentina: 16: 00h

The Lolito Creative Challenge will consist of influencers and streamers from all over Europe facing off on different maps of Fortnite’s Creative Mode, all this in order to take the victory. It is not, therefore, an event open to the public. Epic Games has not released any further details regarding where this event will air, though We can assume that on the official YouTube and Twitch channels of Fortnite in Spanish, and on the respective Twitch channels of all participants.

Lolito Creative Challenge in Fortnite: list of confirmed Spanish streamers

Then we leave you with the confirmed list of streamers e influencers españoles who will participate in the #LolitoChallenge of Fortnite:

Team 1: Alexby, Rubius, Agent Maxo and Aroyit.

Team 2: Auronplay, Biyín, Perxitaa and Axozer.

Team 3: Grefg, Agustin51, Robleis and Vicens.

We understand that own Lolito will also participate, albeit as master of ceremonies.

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We will update this news as soon as Epic Games provides more detailed and complete information. For now, this is all we know about the #LolitoChallenge of Fortnite that will be held next Sunday, November 7, 2021.

Source: Twitter/Fortnite_ES


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