Lone Echo 2 heads to Oculus Quest and Rift next August

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Lone Echo 2 heads to Oculus Quest and Rift next August

Lone Echo 2, Ready at Dawn Studios’ new work for VR, confirms its release date. The second installment of the saga will debut next August 24th at a recommended price of 39.99 euros. It will do so exclusively for the Oculus platform, both in Quest and Rift models.

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Those who purchase the game will receive Without aditional costs a chassis for your VR avatar, emulating Jack’s new VEGA X-3 chassis in Lone Echo II. In addition, the company reduces the price of the first delivery for a limited time by 75%. You can buy it in the Oculus store for only 9.99 euros.

Lone Echo, “the biggest virtual reality blockbuster before Half-Life: Alyx”

The original game was one of the names that we continually highlighted in the reports dedicated to virtual reality. As we said a little over a year ago, Lone Echo was “the biggest blockbuster in virtual reality before Half-Life: Alyx “. “Thanks to the use of“ inverse kinematics ”the study was among the first to give the player arms that corresponded as far as possible to his real arms. This allowed the player to move through a zero-gravity environment, grabbing onto any object in the environment and using it to propel himself ”, we commented.

But not only showed technical muscle; we are also faced with “a polished story, excellent motion capture for the characters involved, and unforgettable moments.” Although not everything is positive: its “short duration and limited playability” were two of the elements that made it lose impact in the race to be the top of virtual reality. Be that as it may, now you have a fantastic chance to find out.

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