Lookism Anime Release Date

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Lookism Anime Release Date

Netflix has announced the new streaming date for “Lookism.” It will start streaming on the platform on December 8, 2022. Initially, “Lookism” was scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022. AgenciesNetflix has announced the new release date for “Lookism.” Park Tae-joon’s webtoon anime adaptation was initially slated to be released on November 4 but was postponed following the horrifying Halloween stampede incident in Seoul’s Itaewon on October 29, 2022. Netflix has now announced that “Lookism” will be released on December 8, 2022. Although the streaming platform has not given any other details about the anime, fans expect that the streaming giant will share more information as the release date nears. Netflix added “Lookism” in its library at its Tudum event on September 25, 2022. Interestingly, Netflix has added several anime to its library this year and emerged as the sole provider of anime streaming across the world. “Lookism” is the story of a high school student, Park Hyung Seok, who is harassed and bullied by his classmates due to his obesity. But his life turns upside-down when he wakes up to a new body one morning. With his new body with all the features of handsomeness, Park changes his identity to Daniel Park, who becomes a social media influencer. But he soon encounters the harsh realities of social discrimination against people considered different or unattractive. “Lookism” was first published in November 2014. Later, at the Tudum event, Studio Mir stated that it would animate “Lookism.”

Lookism Season 2 Possibilities

Lookism season 2 has become a hot topic of discussion among anime fans following the release of the first installment, which was came out on December 8, 2022. Under the production of Studio Mir, Park Tae-Joon’s webcomic, Lookism, was brought alive in Original Net Animation form. Since the first season hooked the audience with its engaging plot and excellent animation quality, fans now want to know whether or not Lookism season 2 is around the corner. Much to fans’ delight, the original webtoon has enough materials for a second or even a third season, and this article explains the details regarding the possibilities for season 2 of Lookism anime.

Production Status

The production of Lookism season 2 is yet to be given a green-lit. Based on the webtoon created by Park Tae-Joon, Lookism is an original net animation that was released on December 8, 2022, on Netflix. Considering it has garnered much appreciation from the anime community, ardent fans have been hoping that the production of Lookism season 2 will soon be picked up by the animation studio or Netflix. Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor Studio Mir has given any details regarding the show’s renewal, making it difficult to predict its release date. However, there’s no doubt that the show has been met with good reviews from anime fans. Besides, it has been rated 7.49 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, which is considered fairly decent.

Possibility of Season 2

As discussed above, Park Tae-Joon’s Lookism webtoon has a lot of chapters left to be adapted. Having made its debut back in 2014 on Naver webtoon, Lookism has released 458 chapters so far. The latest chapter, titled Workers, was released on September 10, 2023. Fans may like to know that the first season of Lookism covered only 27 chapters of the webtoon. In other words, there are more than enough chapters available for a full-fledged second season. So, it’s only a matter of time before Netflix or the animation Studio Mir announces Lookism season 2’s production. Notably, Studio Mir is a fairly new animation production studio. Like MAPPA or Studio Pierrot, they don’t have a bulk of anime titles to work on at this moment. Thus, they can start with the production of Lookism season 2 once the show gets a green signal from Netflix.

About Lookism Season 1 and the Possible Storyline for Season 2

As mentioned previously, the first installment of Lookism anime covered the first 27 chapters of the webtoon. Although it was slightly different from the webtoon version of Lookism, the anime retained the narrative’s essence. A total of eight episodes were released in the first season. The story follows protagonist Daniel Park, or Park Hyung Suk, who gets humiliated and bullied on a daily basis by his peers due to his chubby appearance. So, he decides to transfer school and hopes to start his life anew. One day, Hyung Suk wakes up and finds himself in a body of a tall, athletic and athletic person. He realizes that he has become the owner of two bodies; when one body falls asleep, the other one wakes up. The first season of Lookism ended with Hyung Suk winning the Music Competition with his companion, Duk-Hwa, and gaining more attention with his singing capabilities. Towards the end of the first episode, it was also seen that the girl who was helping Hyung Suk at the store also had a similar condition. In other words, she was also an owner of two bodies. As such, Lookism season 2 will provide more details about her. Besides, it is expected the next anime installment will start with Paprika TV arc (starting from chapter 28). Be sure to keep up with more anime news and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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