López Obrador will celebrate his third year in office with a mass event in the Zócalo of Mexico City

This Wednesday, December 1, it will be three years since Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumed the Presidency of Mexico and the president prepares a party in the capital’s Zócalo to render his Third Government Report.

The event that will begin at 17:00 local time (23:00 GMT) will feature children’s bands from Oaxaca, as well as mariachis, jaraneros and with the presentation of the artist María Inés Ochoa, daughter of the late singer-songwriter Amparo Ochoa.

We have not seen each other for a long time, how will it be tomorrow“, said López Obrador this Tuesday during his morning conference.

Last year, López Obrador held his second government report at the National Palace on the covid-19 pandemic. However, for this Wednesday the president invited everyone who wants to attend to the Zócalo in Mexico City, betting that everyone is already vaccinated.

López Obrador reiterated that The use of face masks will not be mandatory. In addition to the invitation to his supporters, the attendance of the governors, legislators and leaders of the ruling party is expected.

Achievements in your third year

It is expected that in his speech the president will make an account of the constitutional reforms promoted by his Administration, as well as the main actions that have been implemented in social policy – scholarships for young people and older adults; in health, with special attention to the fight against covid-19 and complete vaccination of 65 million people; in terms of security – with the decrease in 2021 of intentional homicides and financial, patrimonial and fiscal crimes—; in economics —with record figures on the creation of formal jobs and foreign investment—; fight corruption; and to report on the progress in the priority infrastructure projects for his Government, such as the construction of the Felipe Ángeles Airport, the Dos Bocas refinery and the Mayan Train.

Last year, López Obrador highlighted, among the main achievements of his Administration, that the fight against corruption and the “no-frills” governor’s formula has allowed him to fulfill his campaign promises of not indebt the country, nor increase taxes or fuel prices.

There is uncertainty as to whether López Obrador will reiterate to his supporters the call to gather the 2.7 million signatures that are an indispensable requirement for the consultation to revoke the mandate promoted by his Government, in which on April 10, 2022, is carried out, in which citizens will be asked if you want to revoke the mandate of the Executive or if you prefer to conclude your constitutional management.

On November 1, the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) ordered the Executive to abstain from pronouncements on the mandate revocation consultation, to which López Obrador replied that he would continue to invite the population to participate, making it clear that that would not include the call to endorse it in this eventual referendum.


On the other hand, López Obrador reaches the middle of his constitutional mandate with a 61% citizen approval and 35% disapproval, according to the latest survey by El Financiero, published last October 4. In this exercise, respondents stated that the main problem in the country is public insecurity (39%), followed by the economy and unemployment (22%).

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