LoRaWAN: IoT-Connectivity mit Community-Charme

LoRaWAN: IoT-Connectivity mit Community-Charme

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When IoT devices talk to each other or to an edge server, they don’t always need a lot of bandwidth and even with latency, many IoT applications are more frugal than is commonly assumed. Because the needs of the “things” that connect the IoT are diverse.

Small, cheap, durable and with a long range – if this quadriga of requirements appears in the specification, the hour of low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) strikes. In Europe, in addition to Sigfox, this is primarily LoRa or LoRaWAN, the first term denoting the physical transmission technology, the second an overlying network protocol.

More about industrial IT (IIoT hacking):

LoRa is a proprietary process whose patent rights are held by Semtech, a California semiconductor manufacturer that has existed since 1960. Semtech manufactures the LoRa transceiver (transmitter-receiver combination) itself or issues licenses to various chip manufacturers. LoRa can stand for “Long Range” or “Low Radiation”, the manufacturer does not resolve the ambiguity. LoRaWAN, on the other hand, is an open industry standard that is defined by the LoRA Alliance – a body to which, in addition to Semtech itself, network equipment such as Cisco and global Telcos, several hundred other companies belong.

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