Lord of the Ring Memes that You Cannot Unwatch

Let’s all agree, that Lord of the Rings is one of the timeless classics. This celebrated movie has a long history. And if you have watched all three parts, you are a true LOTR Geek.

From its star cast to cinematography, graphics, and everything in between, the movie is sure a masterpiece. All three parts of this novel adaption have garnered immense popularity. Besides its immense fan following, The Lord of the Rings has also become the center of many memes, and we have listed a few of them.

The Best Lord of the Rings Memes Listed

Only a true LOTR fan will understand the context of the below-listed memes. The below-listed memes will surely put you in splits.

The Grima WormTongue Meme

Anyone with eyes in their skull could see that Grima Wormtongue was nothing but bad news as soon as he appeared onscreen. He had shifty eyes, pale and clammy skin, and a wardrobe consisting of tattered black robes and greasy hair. This character’s name was Wormtongue. Despite his clammy appearance and many red flags, he was allowed into the deepest council of the king until Theodon was corrupted utterly by Saruman’s magic.

Only the appearance of Gandalf the White could reverse the spell and bring him back from the brink. While the true nature of Wormtongue was exposed at that point, Aragorn chose to let him go. It soon became a popular meme among LOTR geeks.

One Does Not Simply….

The One Does Not Simply…. Meme never gets old and is used in varied contexts, even outside this movie. The memers around the world use this describing various funny situations in their lives.

When delivering a speech to the council of Elrond, Boromir utters the lines, “One does not simply walk into Mordor”. Who had thought that this serious dialogue would become meme material?

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The meme spread like wildfire and is used even today for every event ad occasion you can imagine.

LOTR – Three Movies in Two Lines

This meme has summed up the entire story of the trilogy, and that too, in two lines.

Sauron is eager to take his ring back, and everyone else in the world gives him a cold shoulder. Saruman wants to give the ring to his friend Sauron, but Gandalf says no. Boromir wants to use the ring to protect Gondor, but the rest of the Fellowship says no.

Boromir tries to take the ring forcibly, and Frodo says no. Faramir makes his attempt of taking the ring because of his daddy issues, but Frodo says no. The ring almost gets to Sam, and he hesitates to give it back to Frodo.

In short, it takes three different parts for the ring to finally rest in Frodo’s palm as he tries to give it away. He then tries to give it to Gandalf, who again tries to give it to Rivendell and Rivendell tries to give it to Galadriel, who tries to give the ring to Aragorn.

Confusing, funny, and a perfect meme material.

Sean Bean is the Dead Man

Sean Bean is one hell of an actor, and we have seen him portraying different roles in many movies. But why does the actor has to die in each of them?

The amount of times the actor has played a character who ends up dying is incredible. He holds that record. Talking about his death scenes, he has been killed in different movies and under different circumstances.

Sean was killed via a satellite dish and anchor in Goldeneye, buried alive in Don’t Say a Word, beheaded in Game of Thrones, shot in CA$H, shot again in The Hitcher, hanged in The Island, and pulled apart by the horses in Black Death.

We feel you, Sean!

Will you Sit 11 Hours Straight?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is long. But any average LOTR fan doesn’t know that the Extended Edition of the movie adds many extra scenes that were not released in the theatrical version. For instance. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring’s theatrical release’s duration was 2 hours and 58 minutes. And the extended version of this movie was 3 hours 48 minutes.

Fans who know about the extended edition of this movie may understand this meme as it highlights that watching the theatrical release is like watching half of a movie only.

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We are in the Team Smeagol

Masterpiece, Masterpiece

Lord of the Rings is a piece of art, and it deserves every admiration that it has been given over the years.

Imagine a movie like Twilight, where the makers adapted a novel and spent millions on graphics, VFX, and cinematography in all its four parts only to end up not winning an Oscar or even an Oscar nomination.

But LOTR geeks always knew that there is something about this movie. It got 31 Oscar nominations and 17 wins. Yes, you heard it right.

It proves that the Oscar jury has a good taste in movies, at least. I hope we could say the same for all the Twilight fans though.

Aragorn, Keep it Down

There was nothing tenser in the movie than the moments that led up to the Battle of Helms Deep. Nobody was prepared for the same. All of Rohan’s fighting force had been banished, and only the stable boys and old men were light.

When Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn were suiting up with everyone, the Mirkwood price took in the state of the situation and started to despair. He lost his cool and began venting in Elvish to Aragorn.

Aragorn’s responded in Elvish, not wanting to demoralize the already terrified troops surrounding them. After Legola’s finishing of his Elvish rant with ‘they are all going to perish’, Aragorn lost it and exclaimed, ‘then I shall perish as one of them.’

For a commander, it is a broad oversight, especially when you are trying your best to maintain the morale of your troops. That’s something Aragorn must have not done.

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LORT or GOT – Who do you Root For?

There have been many instances where LOTR was compared to Game of Thrones. With the beautiful graphics, repetitive star cast, and similar war scenes, fans often called Game of Thrones like Lord of the Rings but with a lot of incest.

George R.R. Martin even once said that LOTR was one of the inspirations for his series. One of the most common similarities – both of them had Sean and Bean, and he dies in both. Because he is Sean Bean.

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