Lorenzo Adorni from Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts revealed surprising details from the Netflix series

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Netflix has been betting on Italian content for a long time. After hits like Baby, reached the platform Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts, a miniseries of only six episodes that became a great success. As the name implies, this strip reflects the interest in astrology and is an excellent innovation to the romantic genre. This is because it shows relationships from the point of view of the stars.

Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts It premiered on October 27 around the world and continues to be highly acclaimed by the public. The series is based on the book by Silvia Zucca, which has the same name, and stars Claudia Gusmano, who plays Alice and Lorenzo Adorni, the interpreter of Uncle. These characters meet by chance and strike up a friendship that will lead them to know each other more than they expect.

However, it should be noted that Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts it could have made them have another type of bond. This is because, initially, Lorenzo Adorni he auditioned for Carlo, the ex-boyfriend of Gusmano’s character, before being cast as Uncle. “My first casting was for Carlo, the character who plays Alice’s ex-boyfriend and the test was about a year ago”, He began explaining exclusively to Spoiler and then added: “I did a second test for Carlo, of course. And after that I met Bindu De Stoppani, the first director and showrunner of the series. She told me she wanted to see me as Uncle. That was around the middle of December”.

So much so that, at the request of the showrunner, Adorni did not hesitate: “I did this casting that lasted a few hours. And after 3 or 4 days, they told me “it’s you”. So that was my journey with Uncle and Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts”, He explained before Spoiler. The actor, who was resting from his work after undergoing an oral treatment, also confessed if his character has any coincidence with the person who is himself.

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I think Uncle is a free spirit and Lorenzo has something of that sometimes. You know, I am a Libra and I am to be more here. He is Gemini and there is like more instinct in him. And that was really fun, playing a character like that, even for a person like me who is more logical, it was very cool for me.“, He assured in the first instance and later it was for more:”When you see a character like Uncle, who is so different from my public person like Lorenzo, it is like finding something inside you that is there and that is close to Uncle.”.

But, it should be noted that beyond the excellent interpretation of Lorenzo Adorni like the astrologer Uncle, the truth is that the actor did not know about astrology before the series, but everything was pure learning at the time. “It was rather Uncle who taught me more about astrology. I really didn’t know anything and it was like the guide. I don’t know anything and it was a real boom. This is astrology, well I wasn’t expecting any of this and it was fine”, He said after clarifying that what he did do related to astrology is to read the horoscope.

Of course, now the actor will have to continue learning astrology thanks to his character since a second season of Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts and, exclusively for Spoiler, so he confirmed it himself. “We already filmed the second part. It’s done, it’s closed, so you have to be careful during these months of 2022 because the premiere could come faster”, He sentenced.

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Although, then he went for more and delved into a little of the plot that will come in the missing chapters. “For me, the second season is better than the first. It’s more intense, more to the point. So I hope it’s the same for you guys because I loved filming it.“Were the words of Lorenzo Adorni in view of Spoiler. So, there is no doubt, the duo of Uncle and Alice will return in style.

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