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Lori Vallow And Chad Daybell Case: Timeline

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell case

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell appeared in Idaho courtrooms for hearings over the murders of her children. Vallow was charged on April 19 in connection with the disappearance and killings of JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan. Her lawyer requested a “not guilty” plea to two counts of first-degree murder, one count of conspiracy to commit murder, two counts of criminal conspiracy, and one count of grand theft against her.

Lori Vallow Daybell and her new husband, Chad Daybell, were both in court in St. Anthony, Idaho, for separate court proceedings: Lori Daybell for an afternoon arraignment that had been postponed for months while she sought treatment at a mental health facility and Chad Daybell for a morning hearing over the trial venue.

Lori Daybell’s lawsuit was halted when a court ruled that she was mentally unable to defend herself and ordered her to get treatment at a mental health institution. Vallow was recently deemed competent to face trial, which is planned to commence in October 2022, pending a status conference in late April.

As a couple, Vallow and her husband are due to stand trial in January 2023. In connection with the murders of Lori Daybell’s children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan, and Chad Daybell’s first wife, Tammy Daybell, the pair faces multiple accusations, including conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. Lori Daybell is also accused of scheming with her now-deceased brother, Alex Cox, of assassinating her previously estranged husband, Charles Vallow, in Arizona.

Chad Daybell, who has been in the Fremont County Jail for months, has pled not guilty to the accusations. At his hearing, the possibility of changing the trial’s location or bringing in a jury from another county will be discussed. In the year 2019, Vallow’s children vanished. In 2020, they were discovered dead on Daybell’s Idaho farm. The children and Vallow had previously resided in the Phoenix metro region.

Daybell has also been charged with the murder of his late wife, Tammy. Chad and Lori Daybell, according to investigators, started spouting a unique, doomsday-focused system of religious belief, including “zombies,” teleportation, and communion with other spiritual worlds, in 2018 while still married to other people. Prosecutors in Idaho claim the killers exploited their religious beliefs to excuse or promote the killings.


According to her obituary, Chad and Tammy Daybell married on March 9, 1990, in Manti, Utah. Chad published several of his novels via Spring Creek Book Company, which the pair formed in Springville, Utah. Before relocating to Salem, Idaho, in 2015, the couple had five children. Tammy worked as a librarian at a school.

According to marriage documents, Lori Ryan married her fourth spouse, Charles Vallow, in 2006. Lori brought Colby, her son, and Tylee, her daughter, Joseph Ryan Jr., to the wedding with her third husband. According to family relatives, Charles and Lori Vallow adopted Joshua “JJ” Vallow in 2014. Kay Woodcock, Charles’ sister, is married to Larry Woodcock, and he is his biological grandchild.

According to social media postings, the Vallows relocated to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in 2014. According to company documents, the couple had a modest business on the island. Between 2016 and 2017, the family returned to the mainland.

Tylee’s father, Joseph Ryan, died on April 3, 2018, when the Vallow family lived in Arizona. According to a copy of the medical examiner’s report, the cause of death was determined to be a heart attack. He was cremated, and there isn’t much more known about his demise.

Chad and Lori initially appeared together on the Preparing a People podcast “Time to Warrior Up” over a year before the public disclosure of the cases. They featured on multiple podcasts alongside others, many of which were about the world’s end. The podcast has subsequently been withdrawn and Preparing a People has officially distanced itself from the pair.

According to a criminal charge, Lori and Chad started discussing their religious views on October 26, 2018, to justify murdering Tammy, JJ, and Tylee. Around this period, the pair are said to have met at a religious convention in St. George, Utah.


On January 3, local detectives and the FBI served a search warrant on Chad’s Salem home. According to Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries, investigators discovered 43 things, including laptops, mobile phones, notebooks, notebooks, papers, and prescriptions. These will be forwarded to an FBI laboratory for additional examination.

On January 10, Chad Daybell’s brother, Matt Daybell, pleaded with him to participate in the inquiry. Because of worries about Chad’s religious beliefs and publications, Matt says his immediate family had minimal contact with him.

Lori was served with a notice by the Kauai Police Department on January 25, indicating that she must surrender JJ and Tylee to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare or the Rexburg Police Department within five days.

Nate Eaton of goes to Kauai and confronts Chad and Lori when the police arrest them at the Kauai Beach Resort on January 26. Law police seized the couple’s rental vehicle in Princeville, Hawaii, and searched their rental condominium. The parents refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their children.

January 2021

The Gilbert Police Department has closed its investigation into Alex Cox’s death and agrees with the Medical Examiner’s conclusion that he died of natural causes. Lori Vallow Daybell’s brother is Cox. He’s accused of being engaged in Lori’s children’s disappearances and other fatalities related to the marriage. In December of this year, he passed away at his home in Gilbert.

Phoenix Police completed the investigation into Joseph Ryan’s death in 2018. Ryan is Lori Vallow Daybell’s third spouse and biological father of Tylee Ryan. In light of prior claims and charges leveled against Lori Vallow Daybell, police decided to investigate the matter. Phoenix police did not reopen the case.

May 2021

Officials in Idaho have accused Chad and Lori Vallow Daybell of killing Tylee and JJ, among other things. His first wife, Tammy Daybell, who was found dead in her Idaho home in October 2019, has also been charged with murder against Chad.

Lori Vallow Daybell’s lawsuit has been put on hold until a mental health evaluation occurs.

Charles Vallow’s death has been reported to the Chandler County Attorney’s Office by Chandler police. Charles Vallow, Lori’s fourth husband, died in July 2019 after being shot by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, outside their Chandler home.

June 2021

After being indicted, Chad Daybell entered a plea of “not guilty.” In the death of her ex-husband Charles Vallow, Lori Vallow Daybell is accused in Maricopa County of conspiring to commit first-degree murder. No charges were filed against Chad Daybell by the Maricopoa County Attorney’s Office, even though Chandler Police claim to have done so.

The I-Team of the 12 News discovers new information. The Vallow family has a history with Arizona’s Department of Child Safety.

August 2021

Prosecutors in Idaho have announced that they want to pursue the death sentence in the case of Chad Daybell. A speedy trial is waived in Idaho for Chad Daybell.

September 2021

Lori Vallow Daybell has yet to be deemed competent to stand trial. A court ordered that she undergo a six-month evaluation. Meanwhile, her case in Idaho has been put on hold.

October 2021 

Chandler police have released the whole investigation file surrounding Charles Vallow’s death. New evidence and interviews with Lori Vallow Daybell, Alex Cox, Tylee Ryan, and other members of Lori’s close circle are included.

Lori Vallow Daybell’s lawyer claims an Idaho hospital employee attempted to sway the case; both parties continue to dispute in court over this accusation.

November 2021 

Gilbert police have completed their investigation into Brandon Boudreaux, Lori Vallow Daybell’s niece’s ex-husband, who was shot in October 2019. Chad and Lori Vallow Daybell were charged with attempted murder by Gilbert police. If Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, wasn’t already dead, police claimed he would be prosecuted. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is still looking into the issue to see whether charges should be filed.

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