Los Angeles Police Department to deploy robot dog for policing

Los Angeles Police Department to deploy robot dog for policing

Robot Dog ‘Spot’ to be Used by Los Angeles City Council

The robot dog is now a reality as the Los Angeles City Council has approved the use of a robotic device named ‘Spot’. However, concerns were raised by activists who allege that the robot will be used to spy on and monitor low-income African-American and Latino communities. The public criticized the council’s decision, but the Los Angeles Police Department stated that it will only be used for high-risk situations, including active shootings, explosions, hazardous substance operations, and search and rescue.

Supervised Use of Robot Dog ‘Spot’

The authorities emphasized that the use of the robot dog will be supervised, and reports will be submitted every four months. District 5 Councilor Katy Yaroslavsky stated that it is important for the City Council to have adequate supervision and the ability to modify or halt the program if necessary, similar to any new technology used in surveillance.

The Benefits of Robot Dog ‘Spot’

The Los Angeles Police Department requested the use of the robot dog to protect officers in life-threatening situations. The robotic device cost approximately $278,000 and was purchased thanks to a donation from the Los Angeles Police Foundation. It will not be equipped with any weapon systems or facial recognition capabilities, and it will not be used as part of routine city-wide patrols. By limiting officers’ use of deadly force, this new technology can improve the relationship between the police and the community.

Los Angeles Unemployment Rate Falls

In other news, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles has fallen as almost 30,000 new jobs were created. This positive shift is crucial for the local economy, as it and many other cities have been experiencing a challenging job market.

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Controversial Voting

Controversy surrounding the voting of the robot dog ‘Spot’ in Los Angeles has been the topic of many discussions. As with any new technology, it is important to weigh the benefits and risks of its use and ensure that adequate supervision is in place. Only time will tell if the robot dog will fulfill the intended purpose of protecting officers in life-threatening situations while not infringing on the privacy and civil liberties of citizens.

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