Lost is on Star +: 3 reasons to reconcile with the series after 11 years

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In 2004, air travel was never the same again. Flight 815 managed to dethrone the plane of Final destination like the emblem of what could happen to an aircraft in which everything goes wrong. Stranded on a completely unknown island, the survivors of the accident had to rebuild their lives while waiting for someone to show up to rescue them. In between, endless mysteries were uncovered that you can remember if you sit down to watch all six seasons of the show on Star+.

It was six years that Lost it lasted on the television screen, in which it became one of the most important science fiction series in recent years. Hugo (Jorge Garcia), Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Sun (Yunjin Kim), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Locke (Terry O’Quinn), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Jack (Matthew Fox) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) were the central protagonists of this great story. The reality is that, what began as a premise that captivated everyone, was lost with the passage of the episodes and an ending that was questioned by many of those who saw it. Therefore, we give you three reasons to see it again in Star+ and reconcile with this great story.

3 – The creators of Lost

Science fiction was not born with LostOf course, but the three heads behind the show deserve all the respect. Not only because of what they did with this fiction, but also because of the career that emerged thanks to this series. JJ Abramas ended up as responsible for The Last Jedi on Star Wars; and Damon Lindelof, with wonders like The Leftovers and the recent Watchmen. Maybe be Jeffrey dear the one who had the least showy post career Lost, where you can highlight your work as a consultant for Lucifer, but it should also be noted that he was not involved in the entire show.

Damon Lindelof and JJ Abrams, the true owners of success. (Getty)

But what they did with Lost was more than enough. A series that talked about religion, the meaning of life, second chances and bonds. To everything he added an aura of mystery with the island as a great character and the figure of Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) as the one responsible for explaining (and also fooling) the audience about what was happening there.

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2 – Lost changed the way series are watched

When it was still not very well known what the streaming, when Netflix it did not dominate in this plane and people still watched series on their televisions, Lost modified the way in which these practices were given. It was the first series to be massively debated on the internet, long before the existence of social networks, through forums. The confusion that reigned after each episode was alleviated when fans went to their computers to chat with other peers.

lost abc

The series has a total of 119 episodes. (IMDb)

And if it is about forums, it must be said that it was with Lost and those portals with which a series began to be hacked on a massive scale. There, links were shared that allowed us to see the newly released episodes, just a few hours after their premiere. Of course, for the Spanish-speaking community this took even longer, because you had to wait for the subtitles to appear and for them to work with the downloaded file.

1 – The end of Lost

Yes, perhaps it is one of the most questioned endings that television left in recent times. But what he did Lost with its more than a hundred episodes it is worth the trip. Before getting involved with that closure, we must warn those who have not yet seen it or are in the process of doing so that it will be with a major spoiler.

lost the constant desmond

“The Constant” is one of the best episodes of the series. (IMDb)

The biggest disappointment for the fans was to learn that all the passengers of the Flight 815 they were, indeed, dead. The island was a kind of purgatory in which they had to deal with their unsolved problems in their lives, before they could move on. The problem was that this was anticipated by several followers, for a long time, and denied by the creators who at the time said they were not dead.

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In defense of them, it must have been the way they devised so as not to ruin the fan experience, but the reality is that already in the first season, sitting on the beach, Jack he told Kate that they had all died in that plane crash. But this does not cancel or make sense of everything that came later, in which it is one of the best and most important series, which you can now enjoy from end to end in Star+.

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