Lost Judgment: its worldwide release “has tripled the studio’s efforts”

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Lost Judgment: its worldwide release "has tripled the studio's efforts"

Launching a video game in all the main territories simultaneously is not easy, especially when the previous products in the series have been marketed in stages. The same will not happen with Lost Judgment, the sequel to spin-off from SEGA that will put us back in the skin of Takayuki Yagami, since this time there will be a worldwide launch. However, that decision has created some problems for team members.

This has been recognized by producer Kazuki Hosakawa, who stated in an interview with Inverse that the global launch has “tripled the efforts for the entire development team.” In his words, until now they had focused on the Japanese market and have created the games “keeping in mind how” they were “going to promote them” from the beginning. Still, “for Lost Judgment, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to focus on a global launch, so we had to think about what would be appropriate for the product ”; also on how to make the game attractive in each region.

Sonic The Fighters regresa

The arcades may be practically dead in Spain, but in Japan they still survive, something that is reflected in the different installments of the Yakuza saga. Lost Judgment, in fact, will also invite us to play arcade titles. Given that SEGA’s 60th anniversary and Sonic’s 30th birthday have been fulfilled, the Japanese company announced that this new title will include a fully playable version of Sonic The Fighters, the legendary 3D fighting arcade released in the 90s. Players will be able to enjoy 1 vs 1 battles of this classic from the past.

Lost Judgment will go on sale on 24th September on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. At the moment, there is no confirmed version for PC, although other titles in the saga have seen the light of day on that platform.

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