Lost Judgment: "We have tried to make everything more intuitive and fun"

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Kazuki Hosokawa, director of Lost Judgment, has shared the direction that the sequel has taken to the original work of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios. The creative has ensured that the feedback they received with the first delivery has helped them to make all the elements feel better integrated. Remember that the project will go on sale next September 24 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Learning after Judgment

In conversation with the medium The Gamer, Hosokawa explains that for Judgment they had to elaborate “A lot of different elements and functions”, so there was room for improvement as transmitted by the community. “We got a lot of feedback from fans on what we could do differently or a little bit better. We have tried to make everything more intuitive and fun ”.

Like so many other projects developed throughout 2020, Lost Judgment has also suffered the impact of the pandemic. The director commented that one of the keys they work so well for is the way the team members communicate, veterans of so many projects throughout the Yakuza saga. Being isolated by COVID-19 prevented them from using their “usual communication style”.

“A year ago when we were in the early stages of development, there was no lockdown in Japan, and the situation wasn’t that severe, but once we got into the final stages of production, things they got serious and it was more difficult to communicate. We had a loss of speed and we wanted to be able to talk about things faster, ”he stressed.

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On the other hand, Hosakawa opened the door a little on the horizon that awaited the team with the future of the brand. You want to be able to keep launches simultaneous all over the world, who will perform it for the first time with Lost Judgment. It is also on the weight to be able to explore other games of the Yakuza saga in territories far from Japan, that is, to be able to take the characters to new countries. However, nothing is confirmed. We will see what is left.

Source: The Gamer


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