Lost Judgment will have a playable SEGA Master System; new gameplay

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Lost Judgment surprises SEGA fans with the introduction of a new playable item. At Takayuki Yagami’s detective agency, which serves as a safe house, we can find a fully playable Master System. The console will join the range of arcade games available, which includes the full version of Sonic The Fighters.

New Lost Judgment gameplay: this is what Yokohama looks like

The new gameplay, which you can see at the bottom of this paragraph, shows unreleased material from the sequel to Judgment. About the Master System you should know that it will replace the original pinball machine. “As you progress in the game you will find more playable titles by completing tasks around the city,” explain those responsible. Among the examples we can see Alex Kidd in Miracle World, the classic of the Japanese company.

Video covers almost 8 minutes of footage in real time from its director, Toshihiro Nagoshi, and chief producer, Kazuki Hosokawa. The duo is joined by Takuya Kimura, the actor who plays the lead. Another key moment is the revelation of the minigames that await us at school. This new area of ​​Yokohama will allow us to don boxing gloves, group dancing and much more.

The city contains new opportunities for interaction and exploration. For example, Yagami can use a skateboard to move quickly and do pirouettes through the structures in its path. Elements of parkour are also added, such as running up the walls and climbing when the situation calls for it.

SEGA is planning the arrival of Lost Judgment to market next 24th September on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It will be the first simultaneous release in the long history of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios, fathers of the Yakuza saga. In this way in the West we will not have to wait regarding its commercialization in Japan.

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