Lou Ferrigno warns Marvel about the She-Hulk series on Disney +

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Lou Ferrigno is still remembered for his iconic performance as Hulk even though 31 years have passed since he last played the character. With that experience he is more than qualified to comment on the Green Man and in the last hours he did it again, although it was somewhat controversial: warned Marvel on how to use the superhero in the next Disney + series, She-Hulk. What did he express?

Today the actor is 69 years old and he got for the first time as the Hulk in 1978. With a past of outstanding bodybuilding physique, he forged a career that to this day keeps him at the top and which is currently still in force thanks to the dubbing of his character. However, times changed and aspects of the figure of Mark Ruffalo that do not convince him.

Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee in 2003 (Getty)

Lou Ferrigno warns Marvel about the She-Hulk series on Disney +

In an interview with TooFab, he celebrated Marvel’s idea of ​​giving She-Hulk a show, but maintained that he doesn’t like that much CGI is used. “I think the series is a good idea, but I think we have to use fewer special effects again because the more authentic and organic the character is, the more credible it can be. So we have to see what happens because it can work for Star Wars, it can work for different movies, but you know, when you have too much CGI it gets confusingHe argued about the use of technology.

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Ferrigno had the role in times of fewer special effects and his physical condition is something that fans still remember. “That’s why three decades later, I still meet fans of the television series The Incredible Hulk and they mention how much it affected their lives.” added.


Hulk in the current MCU (Marvel.com)

“Today there is a lot of emphasis on CGI. So you have to go back to good stories, that’s what people want.”, said the artist who currently provides his voice for the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will they listen to him?

When does She-Hulk debut on Disney +?

The series was announced in 2019 as part of Phase 4 of the MCU, although it has no confirmed release date yet. What was leaked is that it will be released in 2022, will have 10 episodes of half an hour each, Tatiana Maslany will be the interpreter of Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) and Mark Ruffalo will return to his regular role as Bruce Banner.

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