Love Alarm Season 3 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

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Love Alarm, the much loved K-Drama, has completed two successful stints. Its innovative and unique storyline grabbed the viewers’ attention, and there are a lot of loyal Love Alarm fans demanding a third season.

But, what is on the cards? Has Netflix confirmed Love Alarm Season 3? Read on to know more!\

Love Alarm

Will it happen ever again?

Well, Netflix has not offered any update on this matter. Until this article was being written, no confirmed news of Love Alarm Season 3 was on the cards. Hence, it is not clear what Netflix plans to do,

But fans are still keeping their fingers crossed for the season3. If you look at the show’s history, you will find that the first and second seasons had a gap of nearly two years. For the second season, fans had to wait till March 12, 2021, from August 22, 2019.

Netflix usually follows its trends and maintains the same time gap between the seasons of shows. So, if the Love ALrm season 3 happens, we may need to wait for another year. So, it is better to wait for a few more months to know Love Alarm’s future.

Besides that, a lot of series got delayed due to the pandemic. Hence, there is a possibility that Netflix is taking things slow to develop better content for the upcoming season.

Love Alarm official trailer

On top of that, the story also has huge potential for another season. Love Larm is inspired from the bottom of the same name. The writer Chon Kye-Young has written more than 169 episodes. So, there is a high chance that the k-drama series follows its original inspiration and gets a renewal for the third season!

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 In short, the best policy is to wait and watch!

A little recap

Here is a recap of the second season of Love Alarm for fans. Love alarm is about an app that helps people know if someone within their 10-meter radius has a crush on them. This new technology baffles Koreans, and many people use this technology called “Love Alarm” to find love!

 But, Kim Jojo, a young and beautiful school student, does not seem to find a lot of promise. The app brings her close to two handsome young men, Lee-Hye Yeong and Hwang Sun-oh. While Sun-oh is a model and rich brat, Jun Ga-Ram is his friend from a modest family and is also a bright student. Jojo also faces unnecessary rivalry from her selfish and evil cousin Park Gul-mi, a popular girl.

All the lives are intertwined, and Jojo suddenly finds herself amidst the attention of two popular boys of the school. Jojo’s Love Alarm rings for Hye Young, and they are forced to come to terms with their newfound attraction.  

In the second season, we finally saw Jojo and Hye Yeong becoming a couple. We also saw Sun Oh has started a relationship with Yook Jo and aims to get the Love Alarm ring for his girlfriend one day!

The possible plot of Love Alarm Season 3

 Well, since nothing is official, we can only make a few guesses about the third season’s plot.

The third season of Love Alarm can delve further and explore the lives of the two couples of the story and the friendship of the two male leads.

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On the other hand, the story can also follow the storyline of the webtoon series.

The possible cast of Love Alarm Season 3

Love Alarm Season 3 will feature its leading actors. That means Kim So-Hyun(Kim Jo Jo), Jung Ga-ram(Lee Hye-Yeong), Song Kang(Hwang Sun-Oh) will be a part of the cast. Other recurring cast and crew members may join them as well.


For Loyal Love Alarm fans, this is the time of patience as they need to wait for any future updates from Netflix. We will also keep you updated about any development that happens in the future!

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