Love Is Blind Season 1: Where Are the Cast Now?

After all, you absolutely loved the Love Is Blind Season 1 and the next season. After all, the dazzling personalities came together to fall in love blindly. Their no-face first dates to cohabitation in pod and engagement and D-day- you watched it all.

But, how are your favorite reality TV celebs now? Have they found their Happily Ever After story? Netflix released a three-part special mini-series to offer what the cast of Love is Blind is doing at this moment. This three-episode special offers what happened to the last post, the “After the Alter ” session. So, read on if you are an ardent fan and want to know what your favorite celebrities are doing at this moment!

Those who found love in Love is Blind Season 1

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

The Love is Blind season 1 offered a successful love story of Lauren and Cameron. They tied the knot in the last episode of season 1. They also appeared on “After the Alter,” and their love story is going strong/ The couple shares a strong bond and has recently adopted a dog named “Spark.” In addition, the duo launched a daily vlogging channel, “Hanging with the Hamiltons” that does funny and cute moments of their daily life as a couple.

Cameron is the perfect husband who never stops appreciating and loving his wife on his Instagram profile. He also posts cute couple pictures and shares how much he loves his better half.

They also celebrated their three years of marriage in 2021 with some lovey-dovey pictures!

Lauren said ‘Us’ magazine in April that they were planning for a family-“We definitely are starting our family planning. I’m not pregnant, let me preface by saying, however, we do have a little fur baby. His name is Spark… “So, he’s our child for now and our work is our child.”

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are also officially husband and wife and have recently celebrated their third marriage anniversary. The couple loves each other and has managed to bridge the rocky gap between themselves to become closer than before.

This ex-tank mechanic from Georgia started working again after the show. On the other hand, her husband Matt is also working again, and he is looking forward to enjoying a blissful marital life with her.

The couple initially hit a rocky path when Jessica, their co-star in Love is Blind season 1, openly stated that the two were not ideal for each other. While Jessica tried to mend the gap later, the couple chose to avoid her and enjoy their life! Quite a love, we should say!

Those who were not successful after the engagement

  While the above four contestants found their eternal love, others were not so lucky. They eventually split after the show. Some of these contestants have found love with other people, while others enjoy their singledom to the fullest. Here are the details related to the rest of the love is blind season 1 cast-

The women

Many female contestants did not take their engagement to the latter. While some broke up on the show, others broke up after the show ended-

Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase, the health coach, got engaged to Kenny. But, in the final episode, she backed down from the marriage. She openly stated that she felt something was lacking, and she was not feeling that much attracted to Kenny to share a life with her.

Although she attended the special episodes, she continued to have awkward moments. She also deliberately avoided answering what happened between Kenny and her in the show!

In her words, she is finally able to reflect upon self-love. In her words- “The more I pour into myself, and the more I work on my Self and dive deep into my dark shadows, the guilt, shame and pains from the past… and the more I do things that activate JOY & PEACE inside of me, the more I learn to love myself…the more I begin to HEAL myself… where I know lies the greatest JOY, PEACE & SELF LOVE✨.”

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Currently, she is hosting a podcast and working as a fitness coach. She also openly talks about body positivity, mental health, and the importance of self-love in her post! Atta girl!

Diamond Jack

Diamond and Carlton were engaged in Love is Blind season 1. But, the couple went through a heated breakup in the middle of the season. She also appeared on “After the Alter ” and received an apology from Carlton. But, they never reunited after Carlton defended his actions and violent bursts with Speed Hamilton in an argument in an episode of “After the Alter ”. But, she still considers her stint in Love Is Blind as a “Positive outcome” that helped her grow as a person.

Despite being an NBA dancer, diamond holds a Ph.D. At this moment, he is the CEO of a Jewelry and Accessories brand, “The Lady Box ”. She also continues to represent the Atlanta Hawks as a dancer. Professionally she is living the best moments now.

Diamond was briefly dating a man named Rumeal. But, later, she told Essence that she and Rumeal had broken up. Then, in November 2021, she appeared on the Steve Harvey show to interview three potential men as her love interest.

Giannina Gibelli

Giannina Gibelli was engaged to Damian in the show. However, she suffered heartbreak when Damian said he was not ready to marry her. The final episode pictured her running on the street in her wedding attire with a broken heart.

Later, she reunited with the cast, and it was revealed that she and Damian were dating at this moment. But, Damien did not bring her as his date in the special mini-series. Hence, it seems Ginnaina is in an on-again-off-again relationship. She also confirmed the breakup in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

It is rumored that Ginnanina is dating Blake Horstman, the former “The Bachelorette ” star. But, nothing is confirmed from their end. But, she seems to be close with “The Bachelor” stars Victoria Pual and Kelsey Weir, who are also common friends of Blake!

She is currently doing modeling gigs and has also dabbled in fashion designing. Additionally, she is seen advertising loungewear on her Insta account!

Lauren Chamblin

Lauren Chamblin, a 26-year-old recruiter, remains single. She was dating Mark after the show ended. But then, in 2020, LC broke off with him after his cheating rumors came to light. She once had claimed that Mark and she were “literally two peas in a pod” but ended up being alone after Mark cheated on her. However, she seems to be fully focused on her career!

Jessica Batten

 Jessica surprised the fans in the final episode when she turned down Mark at the altar of their wedding. Jessica had lingering feelings for Barnett and was confused about starting a relationship with Mark.

After the show ended, Batten revealed in an interview with People that she was engaged to surgeon Benjamin McGrath.

She was engaged in September 2021 after he popped the question at a winery in California. She also congratulated McGrath on his birthday with some couple shots in Instagram.

 She again showed up in the Love is Blind: After the Alter special episodes. Jessica is working as a podcast host on the professional front with her own show!

Nevertheless, we are happy that Jessica is happy in her life!

Alyson Costa

Alyson, the 36-year-old nurse-client relations director, is another Love is Blind season 1 contestant who has found love after the show ended. But, she has not divulged much about her love life! She has also made her instagram profile private. Probably she prefers to go low profile after the show has ended!

Kay Nicole, an administrative manager, has decided to focus on her career after the show failed to give her a chance at love. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree to get better career opportunities!

Lexie Skipper

Lexie Skipper, the personal shopper, was among the candidates who were not engaged during the show’s finale episode.

She posts about her recent life, and it seems she is enjoying her life to the fullest1

Ebony Alexis

Like Lexie, Ebony also was not lucky in finding love. She is at present working as a media journalist and make-up artist. She is also active on Instagram. Her camaraderie with co-stars Lauren and Diamond is noticeable. The girls often add funny comment on each other’s posts.

In December 2021, Ebony uploaded a cryptic picture with a man by claiming him “my love.” It is rumored that this young man is her new boyfriend!

Danielle Drouin

Danielle, the model cum yoga instructor, found love after the show wrapped up. She is engaged to Kerrington Smith.

In September 2021, she announced her engagement and had recently become a mother of a wonderful son!

Brianna Holmes

Brianna took traveling as a hobby after the show ended. This woman, a CEO and web designer, is touring different parts of the world. She seems to be enjoying her single status with happiness.

She has openly stated her present lifestyle in her Instagram post, “Finding confidence & motivation isn’t all about overcoming obstacles and learning your own strength. I think it’s also about feeling the rewards of your hard work and enjoying the beautiful things in life.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

For me, all I have to do is think about traveling. I’m guilty of being one of those people who rarely takes time off, is always working, etc., but being in Morocco a few weeks ago reminded me that it’s so important to make time for me and do the things that I enjoy — like traveling.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’m so glad I got out of my own way (and my office) and went on this trip. Now I’ve just gotta challenge myself to actually share some more moments from this trip.”

 Little Mae

Little Mae is rocking her professional career. She manages her own PR company and is slowly carving a niche for herself other than being a reality TV star. Her website Glambitious is also managing some prestigious clients at this moment.

In personal life, she is happily single and often hangs out with the girl squad of Love is Blind season 1 quite and uploads their pictures as well!

The Men

Except for two, the rest of the male cast did not find love in Love is Blind season 1. Some of them also have found love outside the show, while others are still single-

Kenny Barnes

Kenny Barnes was engaged with Kelly in the show. But their love story did not last. He got married to Jennifer Austin and is happily leading the life of a loving husband. He appeared on the Love is Blind reunion episodes to reveal his love story.

He has been working with TEAM Lighting on the professional front since 2020. He is also working with Brawl for a Cause to raise money for children with rare diseases and special needs.

Carlton Morton

Carltongot engaged with Diamond in the show. But, their engagement ended when Carlton revealed his bisexuality. So, he probably got hurt when Diamond broke up with him.

He later revealed his past by saying, ” My biggest dream is that I finally find a wife who will love me unconditionally… but I have a big secret.” His history of dating both men and women in the past drove Diamond away from him. But, he also said that he had faced rejection from women in the past due to his sexual orientation, and that’s why he waited to tell Diamond the truth. Unfortunately, this strategy did not work out.

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It seems he is still not over Diamond for the breakup. We wish him luck in finding someone who loves him the way he deserves!

Mark Cuevas

Mark and Lauren created quite a drama on the Love is Blind season 1. In his words, “I enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at no point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself, I wish her the absolute best.”

Later he got engaged to Jessica, but their relationship did not last. Jessica left him at the altar. He later appeared in an interview with Menshealth and confirmed that he has “zero hate toward her ”, confirming that he has moved on. He also added,” I wish her nothing but the best … She was trying to figure it out just as much as I was.”

Mark also denied the cheating allegations against him. He later confirmed that he got engaged with Aubrey Rainey. Mark proposed to her in December 2020, when she was expecting their child. Since April 2021, he has been the proud father of baby boy Ace.

He did not join the special episodes and cited family issues. He told USMagazine, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV…We didn’t join the reunion for a myriad of reasons. We are focused on being the best parents we can for our son. I stand by what I’ve said in the past about those situations and have moved on from LIB. Thank you.”

He also posts many cute pictures of his family on Instagram once. He has founded Meta Training Athletics on the professional front and is working to help people achieve fitness goals. He also became a father of another boy Axton recently!

Matt Thomas

Mathew Thomas did not start a new life with the show and is still single. He is, at present, the director of “Brawl for a cause,” the charity event that organizes friendly boxing matches among reality and TV personalities for funding the treatment of children and the underprivileged.

In addition, he is managing his career as a travel and fitness expert at a professional level ert and has launched his website!

Damian Powers

Damian and Giannina’s relationship did not work in the show. He also earned some flak when he appeared on the Love is Blind season 1 special episode with Francesca, a contestant of the show “Too Hot to Handle”. It is not clear if he is dating her at this moment.

He is also affiliated with “Brawl for a Cause” like Kenny Barnes.

Andy Rickert

 Andy also was not engaged with any contestant on the show. But, he still credited the show for helping him to find love- “I might not have found love on a reality show, but a reality show did help me find love, -Happy Valentines day babycakes.“.

At present, he is dating Kelsey, a friend of Danielle Drouin. The duo met at a common dinner party. He also revealed that they two bonded over their love for ramen, the Japanese fast food!

His Instagram account shows that he is busy working out, hiking, and with his girlfriend. He also posts adorable pictures with his cat!

Rory Newbrough

Rory is back again as a gamer after the show ended. While he and Danielle got engaged for a brief period, their relationship did not last, and both have moved on.

He streams his gaming sessions on Twitch. He is single and is enjoying his life with his dog Caleb!

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