Love Is Blind Season 2: Where are the cast now?

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Netflix introduced a new way of reality TV shows with its successful Love is Blind show. The show got renewed for its second season in 2019. In Love is Blind Season 2, we saw a group of young people getting on blind dates, navigating their possibilities of finding eternal happiness with their destined partner. The couples had to find out whether they were right for each other after they married, loved together, and went on honeymoon! With so many high stake bets, the season was entertaining as its previous season.

Love is Blind Season 2 official trailer

The cast, including Shake, Deepti, Danielle, Nick, Jarette, Iyanna, Kyle, Mallory, Natalie, Salvador, Shaina, and Shayne, moved into a rented apartment in Chicago to explore the possibilities of life. Love is Blind Season 2 offered some drama, fights, and wild suspense with full-on entertainment!

But, the show has already ended, and it is nearly a year after the final episode. So, what is happening in the love of the contestants? Are you curious to know what they are doing now, or are they back with their previous partner?

Then read on. We have gathered all the information about “Love is Blind Season 2″ contestants and their present status for the fans!

Danielle And Nick Are Together In Marital Bliss

 Fans did not have high hopes for Danielle and Nick. Many people thought that these two would separate after the show ended. Their initial rocky moments after their pod live-in caused a great rift among these two. But, they have become positive examples by mending their relationship and becoming a strong and loving couple. The couple decided to take a couple of therapy sessions to better understand each other.

Danielle and Nick's First Dance
source” Netflix

Danielle has openly expressed the positive impacts of her life, “After the pressure of having to say yes or no went away, it was like this cloud had been lifted, and we were finally able to have the relationship that we had in the pods”. They are happy after the attention has died on them. She also added, “All of the fears that we had about being married, it was harder to talk through them than live through them. And now, our lives are integrated, our dogs and cats are integrated, our friends are integrated, our families are integrated — and so it’s better than I could have even anticipated.”

Nick also voiced the same opinion in an interview with Tudum, “We’ve moved in together, we’ve brought our dog and cat under the same roof. We’ve got some tips that we’ve done.”

The couple also shares adorable pictures on their social media account! Hence, these two have finally found their perfect ending with each other’s love and compassion! And we are happy for them too!

Iyanna And Jarrette Are Also Married After Love is Blind season 2

Like Danielle and Nick, Iyanna and Jarrette have also come out as the perfect match. They have proven that love can happen anywhere, and it can last with true marital bliss if both parties make a commitment to each other. For them, their marriage became a lucky charm as they both got better career opportunities together.

Iyanna and Jarrette's wedding
source: Netflix

Jarrette had expressed his joy by saying, “Me and Iyanna are still happily married, and I just started a new job at my company about two months ago,”.

He also added that he is “just trying to settle and learn that role while still being a happily married husband.”

Iyanna and Jarrette's kiss
source: Netflix

On the other hand, Iyanna also provides some input about her personal and professional life. She added, “I’m in the process of getting my doula certification.”. She also described their relationship as, “We have the same goofiness, we share the same goals and values — but he’s very extroverted and I’m very, very introverted. That has been the challenge, finding more time for me to go out and for him to stay in — and then for us to do our thing together.”

On the professional front, Iyanna is still working with the Illinois-based Surrogacy agency she used to work with before appearing in the reality TV show.

Natalie and Shayne are not together Love is Blind Season 2

Unlike the past two couples, Natalie and Shayne are together as friends only. The two are also sharing a good life with some positive moves in their life. While they have clarified that they are not in a place for some relationship, they are cordial and are looking forward to having a happy career.

Source: Netflix

The fans were shocked when Natalie said” No” on their wedding altar. But, being a man, Shayne offered her another chance. But, somehow, their relationship didn’t reach a happy ending.

 Natalie described her eternal love for Shyane on her Instagram post “Even if I did this experiment a thousand times knowing the outcome, I would have always chosen you,”. She also added that “I’m still in contact with Shayne. We are friends. I think after going through this experience together, we are definitely bonded by that. I wish him all the best,”.

On the other hand, Shayne also offered a heartfelt clarification about their life in his post. He openly said that he still feels a little remorseful for his antics with Natalie in the second season But, he has also confirmed his romantic feelings are saying he would “never stop loving” Natalie.

That means there is a huge possibility that these two will come back together after figuring out their life. But they both have said that the Love is Blond show allowed them to grow in different ways. Natalie said,” I think I’m in a really happy place…after the emotional turmoil from the experiment… It’s just amazing how much I’ve learned about myself and what I want from a relationship and partner, and I feel like I’ve just grown a lot. “

 On the other hand, Shayne has moved back in with his mother to help her continue his job as a rising realtor there.

Deepti And Shake Parted Ways In Love is Blind season 2

Deepti and Abhishek “Shake” were a happy couple until the last moment of Love is Blind Season 2. They were Indian Origin Americans who Deepti bought the Indian drama in the reality show.

She left him at the altar after realizing that he was not the “one” she had dreamt of. The couple hit a rocky path when Shake commented negatively on Deepti in interviews. Despite having some dramatic reunion moments, the two never patched up. They are not in contact and are not together as well. He was criticized for saying immature things like “not having a physical attraction to Deepti” or other comments. He finally apologized on his Instagram account, but the damage was evident.

Source: Netflix

Shake is entirely focusing on his career. He said, “I found an awesome clinic to work at, maybe one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The people there are amazing, the clients there are amazing, and I’m as happy as could be from a career standpoint,” The Tab reports that he is also in talks to start his own podcast “, Love is Blurry “.

On the other hand, Deepti is happy and explains that the show was an excellent experience for her. She also expressed that she initially tried to reconcile with Shake but realized that was not possible. She said that “Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake- and we tried it. But, seeing how he interacts with people and seeing how he is on social media- every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained. So, I just think that we are not meant together”. In her words, “I think from the show airing, I’ve just emotionally grown so much, and I’m in a really good, happy place,” she says. “I am doing amazing in life.” You love to see it.” She is also rumoured o be dating Kyle, another contestant from the show. 

It was the end for Mallory and Salvador Love is Blind season 2

In the show, both Mallory and Salvador end up becoming exes. They realized that they were not ideal for each other. Fans loved how Malory handled the situation when Salvador ended up saying “I don’t” at the marriage altar. In Love is Blind Season 2, they discussed giving their relationship another shot after the show ended. They also agreed on a date after the show ended. But, this effort also fell apart, and they finally split for good.

Mallory said, “I’m doing really well, just kind of focusing on myself…At the end of the day, I came on this because I want to get married, I want a marriage, and I think just realizing that you know what, I haven’t really taken the time to heal parts of myself. And so that’s something that I’m focused on right now.”

On the other hand, Salvador offered some details about his personal life in an interview with Buzzfeed. He said that his date with Malory was casual. He is currently dating someone else and has not divulged any details about his current partner.

Shaina and Kyle also parted ways after Love is Blind Season 2

Shaina, a 32-year hairstylist, was engaged with Kyle in the first season after a lot of drama. Being a staunch believer in God, she was looking for a Godly man who would protect her from all evils. But, she ended up falling for Kyle, who was an atheist.

They both shared some initial romantic feelings. Kyle also met her parents. But, their interfaith love story did not work out. While Kyle openly told that their different faiths were not a challenge for him and he did not need someone who believed in his faith. But, Shaina’s religious conflict and inner confusion caused her to break the engagement. She recently told Glamour that she was in a serious relationship with a mystery man. Shaina is now focusing on her family and career while enjoying her life to the fullest.

 On the other hand, Kyle is in a happy space too. He left the show as he found a true friend in Deepti.

His closeness with her also sparked the rumor of a new relationship. A cryptic Tik Tok post from his account caused fans to wonder what was going in between. The pair have been spotted at different public events. But, they are not ready to divulge more details. On the other hand, Dept confirmed their present dating status with Kyle in an interview with People. She said that they are trying to figure out if the relationship works for them or not.

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