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What hours does “Love Is in the Air“? Season 2 of “Sen Cal Kapimi” continues to thrill fans with the constant twists and turns in the story of Eda (Hande Erçel), Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) and Kiraz (Maya Başol). The Turkish soap opera has been showing Serkan’s efforts to unite his new family. Like “My daughter” (“Kizim”) and “Woman” (“Kadin”), this fiction has managed to achieve success outside the borders of Turkey.

The romantic comedy, in its original broadcast, appeared for the first time on July 8, 2020. Generally, this genre does not go beyond the first season, but its 39 episodes initials did not satisfy the turkish fans and season 2 was recorded which appeared on June 9, 2021 and ended on September 8, with 13 episodes and an ending that lived up to expectations.

What is “Love Is in the Air” about? The plot centers on the couple of Eda and Serkan, who at first detest each other and then begin to fall in love. She is a florist who loses a scholarship to study in Italy and accuses the wealthy man of his bad luck. He promises to pay her for her travel and other expenses if she pretends to be her partner. The feigned approach gives rise to other circumstances.

In Spain, the otoman series ebegan broadcasting its chapters from January 11, 2021 by the signal of Telecinco. From his first foray into this country, the public immediately accepted the funny and moving story, but there were changes in television programming that changed the way television production was broadcast.

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In this way, the Turkish soap opera “Love Is in the Air” premieres new episodes of its season 2 through the signal of Divinity, in Spain. The romantic comedy, according to the updated programming of the television channel, premieres new episodes of Monday to Friday.

Meanwhile he schedule that “Sen Cal Kapimi” currently has is one of the 17:45 hours, according to the television schedule of the aforementioned media. For example, him Monday, September 20, Ottoman fiction will appear after “Life“(” Love without words “) and”I rent you my love” (“Kiralik Ask”).

Also, viewers have the option to watch online and live the chapters of “Love Is in the Air 2” through Mitele MORE, the streaming platform that has all the episodes that have been released up to that moment. It also can pass those that are about to appear on the small screen.

In the next chapters of “Love Is in the Air” you will see more about the new coexistence between Eda and Serkan, after a judge decided that, for the sake of Cherry, the parents had a better relationship. However, the protagonist does nothing but delude himself with the idea of ​​reconciliation and a happy family.

“Do not make plans for the future. We will both take care of our daughter as civilized people and nothing else. “Eda told him when Serkan imagined them, in the future, taking care of their daughter even in a bar. “I’m not going to dream anymore, I’ll keep that to myself. We must come to an agreement, make decisions together, we have to talk about everything and be able to make a decision. I’m not going to get my hopes up “he replies, disappointed.

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Despite Serkan’s refusal, Eda realizes that her ex partner has plans of its own and explodes when it sees that there is a moving team with several suitcases, sports tools, your ex-boyfriend’s treadmill: everything indicates that you don’t want to be alone for a couple of weeks. “You are going to pay me, Serkan Bolat”Eda explodes.

In the following episodes of “Love Is in the Air” will also be seen the evolution of Kiraz’s health, who suffered a anaphylactic shock when eating a Strawberry cake, to which you are allergic. She was taken to the hospital, where the doctors brought her to safety. “They are both here, by my side. I’m glad you came back from space. Now you are here, dad “the little girl said to Serkan, who was disappointed in his work as a father and was now relieved to hear his daughter say, for the first time, Dad.

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