Love is in the Air: this was the wedding of Eda and Serkan

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The protagonists of the Turkish soap opera “Sel Cal Kapimi” or also known in some countries as “Love is in the air”, They finally managed to get married, a highly anticipated event that generated great excitement among fans and followers. It is about Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) who throughout their history remain one of the most popular couples in Ottoman production.

The importance of this nuptial event is that the couple was able to come together after many setbacks presented themselves along their way, which caused this to be delayed. But despite everything they could have the long-awaited Yes. This episode will be broadcast this Tuesday by the channel. Divinity on Spain.

It should be noted that this successful production was released on July 8, 2020 in its country of origin (Turkey). From the beginning it had a great reception and the followers and fans of the soap opera were increasing. Thus, the success was transferred to other countries. Currently Love Is in the Air It has two seasons, and consists of 52 episodes of 120 minutes.

Precisely, the second season ofLove Is in the Air-in Spain- is broadcast since August 9, 2021 by the Divinity channel. In this way, the love between Ed and Serkan continues to attract glances and now, even more so, with the long-awaited wedding.

The wedding of Ed and Serkan It is one of the most anticipated episodes by the followers of the telenovela, since it is a fact that finally seals their love after having gone through various setbacks. Thus, the civil ceremony was held in the company of the couple’s family and friends.

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But this great moment left, for a few moments, the protagonist of the telenovela, who remains silent for a few seconds, surprised. This causes those present to feel a certain nervousness about what may happen. After that, the expected one arrived “Yes”.

A big kiss seals this fact that generates great sighs between the relatives and friends of the spouses.

As part of the ceremony, a detail was also given to the guests and the spouses explained to the daughter of Serkan that this gift serves to help the organization that collaborates with people with cancer.

Serkan He also took advantage of this event to give a speech where he related the love story with Ed and how it has evolved over time, taking into account that, now his wife, did not have a good opinion of him.

It turns out that the day we met, Fifi recorded what she thought of me (…) If we think about it, you weren’t wrong. Unfortunately for you, an obsessive and maniac robot about health and work like me entered your life, full of walls, rules and limits.”, Expressed according to the portal .

But that was not the only thing he mentioned, because he had beautiful words for his beloved who became his wife.

With your beautiful heart, your impulsiveness, your stubbornness and your love, you broke down the walls, the limits and even my principles. You destroyed what it was but, I’m glad (…) It was you, Eda. The definition of love”, He scored with great emotion.

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