Love Life: will the HBO Max series have a second season?

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Just less than a week ago, HBO Max landed in Latin America with a super interesting catalog. From movie classics to the wide selection of Alfred Hitchcook, up to the latest releases of DC Comics, What Wonder Woman 1984 Y Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It also has emblematic series such as Los Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Girls and some more recent hits like Westworld Y Succession. Among this huge number of series and movies, there is Love Life, a series starring Anna Kendrick.

The 10-episode series is one that is already trending on the streaming service. It is not for less. The story is entertaining and brings us a very interesting look at youth, friendship and love. If this series has already caught you as much as us, here we tell you if it will have a second season or not.

Love Life second season on HBO Max: is it possible?

The series follows the life of Darby Carter, a young woman with a passion for art, photography and painting who has just graduated from university. From Los Angeles he moved to New York at the age of 18, and since then he has lived with his friends, Sarah, Jim y Mallory, in the same house. Each episode tells of a moment in the life of this girl who links not only her profession but also her loving and friendly relationships that will leave her with many lessons.

Created by Sam Boyd, Love Life has 10 episodes of 30 minutes approximately, which immerses us in a sympathetic story about youth, the passage of time and, above all, love. Family, friendship and relationship ties will be vital in Darby and each one will bring her something new that will make her reflect on herself and in some cases will teach her a lesson in self-love. It will not be the same Darby at the beginning as at the end of the series, where the same turns of life will surprise her with an unexpected outcome.

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Anna Kendrick is its protagonist and this is definitely the opportunity that came to his career to show off like never before. Yes OK Love Life It premiered last year, its launch was overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic and, for this reason, it has gained popularity in recent days with the launch of HBO Max.

For those who are already fans of this series, there is good news. Love Life will have second season. It was renewed in May 2020, but it will not be as expected, because being an anthology series, Darby’s story will not return, that is, someone else’s story will be told. Its protagonist will be William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) and will follow a young man who thinks he has found the love of his life, but everything changes when they decide to break up with him suddenly. The series still does not have a confirmed release date, but it could come next year.


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