“Love Story Unveiled: Paula Badosa and Stéfanos Tsitsipás Share It All, Including Their First Kiss”

They are the couple of the moment and they are willing to prove it.

Paula Badosa and Stéfanos Tsitsipás know that their love is too beautiful to hide it and, since their romance was confirmed last June, they boast of the relationship that unites them wherever they go.

Unknown Details of their Charming Story

If a few days ago they were seen as accomplices and very affectionate on the slopes, during the Mallorca Championships competition, now they have revealed some unknown details of their charming story. Who gave the first kiss or who is the most romantic or fun of the enviable sentimental tandem that they form are some of the curiosities that both have recounted.

Paula Badosa and Stéfanos Tsitsipás

Paula Badosa and her boyfriend Stéfanos Tsitsipás train between laughs, hugs, and complicit gestures.

Revealing Details through a Witty Video

Through a witty video in which a voice is heard, in English, asking them several questions about some points related to their relationship, the happy couple has responded through non-verbal language. With their eyes closed and a big smile on their faces, Badosa, 25, and Tsitsipás, who will blow them next August, have pointed out after each question. A few seconds of a clip loaded with symbolism, wonderful chemistry that crosses the screen, and surprising revelations.

Unknown Information about their Relationship

The video, which demonstrates the great turn that the Athenian tennis player has given to his intimate side, in which he used to be very reserved, has offered unknown information about them. For example, its protagonists have confessed that Theodora Petalas’ ex-boyfriend was the one who gave the first kiss and who pronounced the first ‘I love you’ to the former partner of the Cuban model Juan Betancourt or the presenter David Broncano and is also the most patient and romantic of the two.

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A Combination of Virtues and Imperfections

For her part, she is the one who takes the initiative when it comes to apologizing when they have a fight, the one who allows herself to be taken care of the most when she is sick, and the most messy. Although there are keys on which they do not agree, such as giving the prize to the funniest of the pair, betting on who takes the longest to prepare or choosing the most stubborn of the couple, make it clear that the Greek is the one who prepares the best dishes at home and “the grumpiest” when waking up in the morning. A mixture of virtues and imperfections that tennis players take with a great sense of humor and that makes them a perfect combination.

Exciting Challenges at Wimbledon

Exultant and accomplices, both are immersed in the Wimbledon Grand Slam, which started this Monday and represents a great challenge for Badosa, who faces this ‘major’ with enthusiasm after recovering from a vertebral fracture for which she underwent surgery and which prevented her from participating in Paris and Melbourne. “I’m happy to be here, I didn’t expect it at all, I’ve only been training for a week. I had a slightly crazy goal of trying to get to Wimbledon, obviously I’m not at my best, but at the moment I don’t feel pain,” he confessed to Movistar+. It will be this Tuesday when she will face American Alison Riske in the first round, a confrontation that will take place hours after her boyfriend played against Dominic Thiem.

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Stéfanos Tsitsipás, the Tennis Star

Stéfanos Tsitsipás, the tennis star who survived the Aegean Sea and fell in love with Paula Badosa.

Rumors of a Relationship

The video of Paula Badosa and Tsitsipas with whom rumors of a relationship arose.

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