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‘LPBW’ Fans Shocked as Tori Roloff Accuses Lilah of Lying

Little People, Big World fans often express their fondness for Lilah Roloff, yet it seems her mother, Tori Roloff, has had her share of issues with her only daughter. Recently, some viewers have been appalled by Tori’s remarks, feeling she is overly critical of Lilah on her podcast and tends to blow minor issues out of proportion.

There are speculations among fans that Tori may have initially wished for an average-sized baby instead of a little person. As of now, she and her husband Zach Roloff have three children, all of whom are little people. While Jackson appears to be Tori’s favorite, followed closely by the youngest, Josiah, it seems Lilah often takes a backseat. Tori does occasionally celebrate Lilah’s milestones, yet some fans believe she receives less positive attention compared to her siblings.

Tori and Zach launched their own podcast, Raising Heights, after confirming they were stepping away from filming for Little People, Big World. The podcast covers various topics, from their dating history to family issues. Recently, they discussed public opinions on their choice to have children, considering potential skeletal issues.

On Reddit, a fan expressed their discontent with Tori’s treatment of Lilah, pointing out a recent podcast episode where Tori seemed notably upset and disappointed in Lilah for lying. The fan suggested that Tori rarely, if ever, criticized Jackson, despite him not being perfect either. They felt Tori’s nitpicking was mainly directed at Lilah.

Other fans on the thread shared similar sentiments, agreeing it was unfortunate to hear Tori singling out Lilah negatively. However, some also acknowledged that different children may elicit different reactions from their parents and that Lilah could be a “button pusher” for Tori. Responses to the post included:

  • Some believed Tori had difficulty accepting that Lilah was not an average-sized child and felt a sense of disappointment. They speculated this might prevent Tori from bonding closely with Lilah.
  • There were opinions that Jackson is seen as the “golden child,” and Lilah’s condition as a little person was a source of disappointment for Tori right from the start.
  • Some suggested Tori might have a bias against girls, recalling her concerns that Lilah might face more bullying due to being a female little person.
  • One comment simply reiterated the sentiment that Jackson was indeed the favored child.

The discussion shifted to questioning whether Tori’s issues with Lilah stemmed from her daughter’s size and whether minor fibs from a young child warranted such negativity. The thread invited more opinions and thoughts from fans.

What do you think about Tori Roloff’s apparent criticism of Lilah on her podcast? Could it be related to Lilah not meeting certain expectations, or might it be a result of her personality clashing with Tori’s? And is it reasonable to make a big deal out of small lies told by a child? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates on Little People, Big World.

Source: Various Reddit Users