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Lucas NCT Removal: Here is Everything You Need to Know 

The scandal about NCT’s Lucas’ intimate relationships in August 2021 shocked both the Chinese and Korean entertainment industries. As a consequence, the male superstar, who was born in 1999, was suspected of committing intimate relationships with a large number of followers in Korea and China, as well as negative behavior such as dishonesty, emotional manipulation of his girlfriends, maligning TV shows, and representatives of the same group, and so on.

How Lucas Got Associated With NCT?

Wong Yuk-hei, better known by Lucas’s stage name, is a Thai and Chinese-born Hong Kong rapper, singer, and model. He is an associate of the South Korean group NCT and a member of the supergroup SuperM. He is also associated with NCT’s rotational sub-unit NCT U and Chinese sub-unit WayV. He was a constant cast member of the popular variety program “Keep Running” in China.

After topping a Global Audition in Hong Kong in 2015, Lucas was spotted by SM Entertainment; it is a South Korea based entertainment firm.  After just one modeling tryout, Lucas got approved.  Lucas got singing, dancing, and rapping as an SM trainee. On April 5, 2017, he was represented as a member of the SM Rookies and a pre-debut practice squad made up of young recruits who might make their debut as members of idol groups. Lucas made a cameo in NCT member Ten’s “Dream In A Dream” soundtrack on April 7, 2017. Lucas, whose native language is Cantonese, prepared for his debut by studying Korean and Mandarin.

NCT 2018, a project team for the popular boy group NCT, was revealed by SM Entertainment in January 2018. Lucas, along with Jungwoo and Kun, were the latest members of the group. On January 30, 2018, the trio was first unveiled in SM’s NCT 2018 Yearbook #1.  Lucas made his formal appearance with NCT on March 14, with the release of their first studio album, “NCT 2018 Empathy.” As a member of the NCT U sub-unit, Lucas contributed three songs to the record, such as the title song “Boss,” “Black on Black,” and “Yestoday.” Lucas performed as a regular cast member on Korean variety programs “Law of the Jungle in the Last Indian Ocean” and “Real Man 300” to publicize the album.

On August 7, 2019, Lucas was confirmed as a member of the K-pop “supergroup,” SuperM, founded by Capitol Records and SM Entertainment. The group’s marketing started in October and is targeted towards the American audience.

Lucas again returned to NCT in October 2020 after 2018’s “Black On Black.” He actively participated in NCT 2020, which was an all-members initiative for the second time and included all 23 members.

Why was Lucas eliminated from the new merchandise of NCT?

The male star and his management agency, SM Entertainment, finally responded on August 25 after repeatedly propagating the charges against him on social media. Instead of refuting the allegations and charges, Lucas sent an apologetic letter, and SM announced that all of the male idol’s actions, which led to disappointing fans, would be suspended.

Lucas apologized to individuals who had been harmed due to his misconduct in a handwritten note. He said he was conscious of his faults and would halt all actions to devote time to self-reflection. SM also acknowledged being careless with their artists’ management and apologized to everybody who was harmed by Lucas’s behavior. On the other hand, SM made no mention of Lucas’s departure from NCT.

There has not been much information concerning Lucas since SM announced his sabbatical, other than the male idol’s travel to China last month was canceled. However, the abrupt elimination of Lucas from NCT’s new products by SM has piqued the interest of many fans.

Fans’ responses to Lucas’s absence from NCT merchandise

According to the firm, NCT’s merchandise ‘MY ARTIST CARD PACK’ will be available for purchase shortly at SMTOWN & STORE’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza shop in Seoul. Random photocards of the idols, a photocard cover, and a sticker with NCT individuals’ names are included in this set. Fans immediately noticed that only 22 of the members’ names were put on the sticker package. Lucas’s name is not mentioned at all.

Though this is something that many people anticipated, it still raises eyebrows. Many followers and netizens are pleased with this, but many also want SM to totally remove Lucas from NCT rather than just eliminating his name from NCT’s merchandise and allowing him to rejoin later.

In the meantime, many overseas fans continue to show their love and sympathy for Lucas’ faults, as we all know. They believe that this is only a love controversy that does not violate the law and that Lucas can still be accepted and make a return simply by self-criticism. Furthermore, many fans continue to believe that Lucas did nothing wrong and was compelled to apologize by SM. They claimed that part of the accusers’ proof was false, but SM refused to explain these specifics instead of forcing Lucas to apologize and postpone his schedule. Many followers condemned the firm, claiming that the male star was being treated unfairly.

Fans are curious to know whether Lucas is still a part of NCT or not

As a consequence, it is expected that many overseas fans are still upset that SM just eliminated Lucas’ name from NCT merchandise without explanation. Followers, whether they favor or oppose Lucas, want the firm to explain if he is still a part of the NCT since SM’s apology or elaboration was too imprecise at the time.



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