“Lucerito Mijares’ Parental Demand: The Key to Professional Debut”

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Lucerito Mijares Makes Her Professional Debut as a Protagonist

Lucerito Mijares, the youngest daughter of the famous Mexican artists Lucero and Manuel Mijares, has inherited the talent of her parents. Collaborating with them and working as a special guest in the musical production La Cage de las Locas, Lucerito showed her love for theater. Now, she makes her professional debut as the protagonist of the play, The Magician. The Wiz. However, it was not an easy task for her to get on stage as she had to meet some conditions.

Studying and Preparing Was Key for Lucerito

Lucerito shared with the Mexican television program Primera Mano (Imagen TV) that she had to finish high school before starting to do what she loved. She had to catch up on many classes, attend summer and vacation school, showcasing her desire to do theater. She is grateful to her parents for guiding her on this career path.

The Magician – A Challenging Role for Lucerito

For Lucerito, the role of the protagonist in The Magician has been the most challenging task in her career. Singing and dancing at the same time is not easy and requires a lot of air resistance. However, Lucerito is improving every day, and she is thankful for the excellent support she has received.

Lucerito’s Secrets Unveiled

Besides her love for theater, Lucerito revealed some of her secrets. She said that heartburn is her enemy as it can wear down her voice. Therefore, she takes great care with her health. Moreover, Lucerito loves dogs, her favorite animal, and wishes to have the superpower to teleport and breathe underwater.

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Lucerito’s Family Legacy Continues

Lucerito Mijares has inherited the talent and love for theater from her parents. She is grateful to them for guiding her on the path to her dreams. With her professional debut in The Magician, she adds to her family’s legacy, and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the stage in the future.

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